Lev Tahor: How They Recruit The Unsuspecting

Shlomo Helbrans

Shlomo Helbrans Lev Tahor Cult Leader

The Orthodox Jewish cult called Lev Tahor has been called heretics and evil, and is shunned by most factions of organized Judaism in Canada and are known as a cult. Since media coverage of this cult and the many allegations against them from child welfare and law enforcement officials about child abuse, beatings, children forcibly being removed from their parents and being placed with other parents as a form of punishment, underage marriages as young as 13 years, children sleeping in urine soaked beds, poor hygiene, low educational standards, running away from the law and human trafficking Canadian and International Jewry have for the most part shunned them.

I wrote about how they the cult has managed to acquire millions to fund their, if not illegal but questionable activities. Now I would like to discuss how this group of lunatics manages to recruit or suck in their prey.

I have been doing a great deal of research, and I have been asking many questions from members of the families who have lost brothers, sisters and children to the cult about this. As a result, I’m hoping to paint a picture that gives everyone some idea or at least some insight about how they manage to bring new members to the cult.

Normally, all religions pray to a divine entity. Lev Tahor, like other cults prey on the weak, the susceptible, the unsuspecting and the ideologically vulnerable, and they do have some willing sympathizers who may be called willing conspirators.

From the communications which I have had with the families of those that were sucked into the cult, I have been told of stories where members of Lev Tahor, specially in Israel visit Orthodox Hareidi synagogues and yeshivot armed with many copies of the book written by Shlomo Helbrans, the cult’s leader. From what I have been told, this book is very well and convincingly written.

They leave many copies at these synagogues and yeshivot hoping that the easily impressionable and weak minded, who are seeking some form of spiritual fulfillment or satisfaction will read the book. Once they have read the book once, they are encouraged to read it many more times till the rhetoric is firmly planted in their minds and begins to sprout. Once they read the book, they are encouraged to contact Helbrans who spends hours upon hours and days upon days giving his sales pitch which encourages them to leave their thoughts behind and take on his own view of religion and the world. Helbrans has been described as very charismatic and convincing. He was able to fool many individuals including Global Television.

Also, I found out about Keter Malchut, an Orthodox Hareidi yeshiva for girls located in Jerusalem. According to the mother of the two girls that were returned by Canadian immigration officials to Israel several years ago, and then once again tried to enter Canada via Jordan, the principal of Keter Malchut acts as a Lev Tahor recruiter. The school is supported by a hyper-Hareidi movement of women who have discarded most of the ways of the general Hareidi movement including wigs and cover their faces. Their role is to funnel girls to this school for further indoctrination, and their views can best be described as preaching the abandonment of women of day-to-day society and to live as shut-ins.

Finally, there is the role of the matchmaker. Due to a shortage of young girls, matchmakers play a key role in finding girls as young as 13 or 14 years to marry much older men to bare children.



Lev Tahor Shuffling Off to Buffalo for the Last Time

Several days ago I wrote about the saga of the two girls, a 15 and a 17 year old, the two remaining Lev Tahor ​members in Canada​ who were ordered into foster care by the courts. They recently escaped from their foster home and allegedly fled by taxi and then bus to the U.S. border crossing at either Niagara Falls or Buffalo, New York.

​They were ordered into foster care as they defied a court order not to leave the Chatham area. Instead, while en route to Guatemala, they were apprehended in Trinidad and returned to Canada. Once in Canada, the courts had no other option but to place them in foster care because their parents were in Guatemala.

​​I`ve received some flak from individuals – no thought, no content, no facts, just criticism combined with insults and innuendo. In contrast to them, I become involved, research and gather facts.

Comments such as: “mmuahahahaha?!!” are not arguments; nor are they facts or substance. It just shows that they are incoherent morons or a babbling idiots. In this case the person making the comment is a home grown Canadian moron. There is an old West Virginian saying that you waste your time when you argue with assholes and idiots.

On that note, if anyone wishes to debate the facts about what really happened, show yourself. Just changing your Twitter handle and not identifying yourself, indicates that you are merely a subversive or devious moron and have nothing to contribute to finding the truth. All you are doing is criticizing; not providing evidence and fact. When one argues without facts or evidence all they are doing is criticizing me and wasting the public’s time. It`s nothing that I can`t handle. Your arguments ring hollow. This applies to whether they are on another planet such as Venus, or right here on earth.

Both the Montreal Gazette and my last post raised some interesting questions about the girls` escape from their foster home. As I set forth in more detail, it can be questioned whether these girls had sufficient knowledge of how to use Toronto’s public transportation system, and Ontario’s intercity transportation system to do this on their own and evade authorities.

I visited the home. I know where the home was located. I was there once. It was on an out-of-the-way street on which taxis never cruise to pick up fares. To have a taxi on that street, one must either be dropped off, or request one for a passenger pick-up. So arrangements for a taxi to pick up the girls had to be made.

The house is a fairly large home surrounded by high fences. It would be impossible to hop the fence and escape from the property. Also a security guard was located outside the home and questioned anyone that ventured onto the property.

These girls were not worldly at all. They were born into and raised within the cult. They rarely ventured into any kind of store. According to their grandmother, they never went to any stores, except the local grocery store. Anytime they left their environs, they were always chaperoned by at least one male member of the cult. This is also true for any visit to a dentist or doctor as well.

Initially the girls were placed in two separate foster homes. As a result of the grandmother and I advocating on behalf of the girls for the sake of their emotional wellbeing, and the foster family agreeing to house both girls, both were housed in one foster home.

Joseph Solimani & Nachman Helbrans

Father of the Two Girls (left) with Nachman Helbrans (right), a son of Lev Tahor Leader Shlomo Helbrans

The first argument that has been hurled at me is that in this modern age with the use of computers and the internet it is very easy to acquire that information. The argument does not hold water since members of the cult are banned from using the internet. According to the grandmother, the two girls have never even turned on a computer.

They had no comprehension of where they were located in that strange and large city called Toronto. They had no idea of where the bus terminal was located. They had no money to take a taxi. They probably didn`t even know where the closest border crossing was located.

Based on that, I can only surmise that they must have received assistance from someone. There were numerous reports that the father was lurking around Toronto’s Ultra Orthodox Jewish community along with Nachman Helbrans, one of the cult leader`s sons. They were spotted in the Bathurst-Lawrence area which is within 15 square blocks of the foster home.

How could the father and Nachman Helbrans get past the security guard who was guarding the home? Who arranged for that taxi? As for the foster family assisting them, I know that they are prominent and wealthy members of Toronto’s Orthodox Jewish community, and the issue of a payoff to the family is ludicrous. I can only speculate that someone was bought, sold and paid for? Was it was an employee of the security company or was it an employee of the social service agency? I don’t know.

I do know that after I heard about the possibility of a kidnapping, on the Monday morning I contacted Chatham-Kent Children’s Services (​CKCS)​ and was told that the girls were safe. I was also assured that the girls were still in Canada.

​Since CKCS did not have direct contact with the girls, I can only assume they were relying on information from Jewish Family & Child Service of Greater Toronto (JF&CS), to whom the care of the girls had been entrusted.​

The next day, with the rumour still flying around, I called JF&CS. The supervisor in charge refused to tell me anything citing privacy regulations even though I told him that I represented the girls’ grandmother, and they had a letter of authorization confirming this on file with the agency.

​​In a very officious​ manner the agency’s manager who I had spoken with to arrange visits between the grandmother and the two girls said that he couldn’t tell me anything due to privacy considerations, and denied any responsibility by the agency for the care provided by their agency. All I wanted to know was whether or not the children were still in Canada and they were safe. I told him that his agency was responsible since they placed the children in the foster home and that they were charged with the girls’ supervision. He argued with that concept.

The next day, I again contacted CKCS and that they advised me that the two girls were no longer in Canada. CKCS also apologized to me by saying “that if you felt that you were told two days ago that the girls were in Canada an apology would be in order”.

To me this means that CKCS was unaware of the girls status 2 days before, as they were not informed by JF&CS until several days after the event occurred.

Once again, the day-to-day shots about the foster care and supervision of the two girls were being called by JF&CS who​ were also responsible for their care and supervision. They probably blew it.

Undoubtedly there may have been a breach of confidentiality by this Toronto agency.



Lev Tahor Frustrates the Courts

Members of Lev Tahor

Members of Lev Tahor

Last week on May 29th, Lev Tahor was in court again. This time it was to rule on the future of the two remaining girls who were placed in the custody of Chatham-Kent Children’s Services last March upon being returned to Canada from Trinidad. At the time, the girls were en route to Guatemala to join their parents, and their six siblings who were able to evade Canadian authorities.

Apparently these new proceedings were adjourned until early July.

The only article that I found about the case was written by Sarah Sachali of the Windsor Star who also sent a number tweets during the court proceedings. Based on her tweets, I saw the drama unfold like a production involving the Keystone Cops. One of her tweets was that the judge found out at the hearing that at least one of the children in question had left Canada, I presume without legal authorization.

Apparently, the child left Canada just a day after attempts were made to inform his/her parents of the hearing that was to take place on May 29th. As a result Justice Lucy Glenn was quoted as saying: “I cannot make orders about kids that are not in the jurisdiction. It’s as simple as that.” I can just see the Madame Justice throwing her hands up in the air while saying this.

This has to be frustrating for the legal system, child welfare officials, family of members who are trapped in the cult and by its pressures and doctrine, and the others who are concerned that these children are suffering abuse at the hands of its leader and his henchmen.

Sacheli goes on to make certain statements in her article which paints a picture of the cult’s modus operandi. Snippets from the article include statements such as: the CKCS lawyer trying to explain to the court why the agency had been unable to officially serve documents on parents, some of the parents involved in the new files have been deported, and ordering the surrender of passports.

The most ridiculous comment came from Marnelle Dragila, Lev Tahor’s own lawyer who urged the court not to judge the parents based on the fact that they are no longer in Canada. “There is a difference between flight and deportation”. Well in this case, it may have been both. Several were under deportation notices, and while under appeal some or all fled the country to evade the Canadian immigration process, or avoid the actual deportation.

In a previous post, I made reference to Avraham Kabaz Kashani, 39, Odel Malka, 30, and Yochanan Lauer, 19.

Kashani first came to Canada on a temporary resident visa in 2000, and made multiple attempts but failed to gain legal status. Once his avenues for appeal were exhausted, he was ordered out of the country in 2007. He did not leave voluntarily and never contacted authorities about his situation. He was arrested approximately 5 weeks ago. Guidi Mamman, one of Lev Tahor’s immigration lawyers referred to it as an immigration irregularity. The only type of irregularity that comes to mind are the references made to occasional bowel irregularity in various television commercials.

Apparently, Kashani did not leave in 2007 because his wife was expecting to give birth. That child is now 7 years of age and Kashani was still in Canada at the end of April of this year. From what I have heard, he has since been deported.

Another person, Odel Malka was ordered to leave in 2002, but only left in 2012. She then returned using a fake passport. From what I understand, Malka fled to Guatemala to avoid being deported.

I am just wondering when the legal system and everyone else for that matter will “wake up and smell the manure that is being repeatedly spread by Lev Tahor.

Shlomo Helbrans

Shlomo Helbrans

Based on their previous actions, I can only state that the cult, and especially their leader, Shlomo Helbrans, a self proclaimed rabbi are extremely deceitful. There are also strong allegation of physical and mental abuse by the leaders of the cult; especially with children suffering beatings, manipulation and other forms of physical abuse.

Members of the cult have purposely evaded the justice process not twice, but three times or more now.

They are not to be trusted. I repeat, they are not to be trusted. Based on their past behaviour, they will manipulate the process to defy the Canadian legal system and the laws of this country, and claim anti-Semitism and discrimination when they are caught, or are about to face justice.


Immigration Puts a Dent in Lev Tahor

Canada’s Immigration agency has shown that members of Lev Tahor cannot be trusted.


Members of Lev Tahor

Until now, we have all been bombarded by Lev Tahor’s cries of their innocence. The supposed denial of their human rights, the claim that there has been no proof of allegations of abuse by them against children, persecution supposedly because they choose to worship their faith in a manner that is stricter than any other sect of Judaism, and the so-called anti-Semitic war that is being waged against them, are just some of their cries.

For a while, I’ve argued that many of them are in Canada illegally.

Now I have proven to be correct. Earlier this week, the Canada Border Security Agency (CBSA), accompanied by officials of the Chatham-Kent Police Service, and Chatham-Kent Children’s Service visited their compound in Chatham and took several of their members into custody. In all, the CBSA arrested and detained 7 members who are known to have 28 children in all.

Uriel Goldman, a board member and community elder of Lev Tahor, or as I refer to him, one of Shlomo Helbran’s 3 stooges, reacted with indignation to the arrests. He went on to say:

… the action makes it appear the group was targeted for harassment. Why raid our community? There is no evidence of abuse. It’s discrimination, it does not smell good. Men and women are panicking. It has been hard on the children, after all these visits from social workers … There are 200,000 illegal immigrants in Toronto and they have no problem at all. But we are the target. Why? You decide.

Let’s help Goldman out on this one.

Uriel Goldman

Uriel Goldman

Here you have a group of people that came to Canada because they thought it was the promised land. There are allegations of child abuse, abuse of women, children were not meeting the minimum educational standards, they were not being taught either one of the official languages, authorities found that children were sleeping on urine soaked mattresses, and girls as young as 14 years of age were being forced to marry, much older men. By the way the legal age of marriage in Canada is 16 years of age.

After committing these acts, they evaded authorities. First they flee to Ontario to avoid answering these allegations, and then they flee to Guatemala for the same reason.

If they aren’t guilty, then why did they flee? They would have been given every opportunity to prove their innocence in the courts.

In the words of Uriel Goldman: You decide.

Now with the involvement of the CBSA, and after an immigration hearing that took place on Friday, two men and woman — all Israeli citizens– were ordered to remain in custody after the Immigration and Refugee Board found they weren’t likely to leave Canada voluntarily if released. Goldman remained indignant saying that they were in the process of arranging a meeting with immigration officials within the next few days, and that the CBSA acted irresponsibly and in haste.

It was found that 3 of these people, all Israeli citizens: Avraham Kabaz Kashani, 39, Odel Malka, 30, and Yochanan Lauer, 19, had each flouted immigration rules multiple times and were without permanent legal status in Canada.

Kashani first came to Canada on a temporary resident visa in 2000, made multiple but failed attempts to gain legal status and once his avenues for appeal were exhausted, was ordered out of the country in 2007. He did not leave voluntarily, nor did he directly contact authorities about his situation before he was arrested this week. More than likely, if anything, it was immigration’s incompetence that allowed him to go underground and overstay in Canada. So, 9 years of tolerating his presence in Canada, is not exactly acting in a hasty manner.

Apparently, Kashani did not leave in 2007 because his wife was expecting to give birth. To how many others has his wife given birth since that time? As soon as his wife had given birth, and both mother and child were able to travel, they could have returned to Israel. If his wife was a bonifide Canadian resident, did they ever consider a legal sponsorship of Kashani to Canada?

Based on their past behaviour can one trust him? He has been ordered into custody until he is deported back to Israel. Hopefully, that will take place sometime later this week.

Odel Malka was ordered to leave in 2002, but only left in 2012. She then returned using a fake passport. The third person has one more avenue of appeal left.

Not one of the sect members, so much as made reference to the separation of these people from their children. When the CBSA came, they were accompanied by officials of Chatham-Kent Children’s Services who also took the children into temporary custody. Shortly afterward, the children were either returned to Lev Tahor, or were re-united with their parents. This shoots down the arguments being put forward by those who are always at odds with Children’s Aid Societies that CAS’s are “hell bent” on taking children away from their parents and their communities.

The overall message is that Lev Tahor cannot be trusted. They’ve run twice to escape the courts. Members have come to Canada and have remained here illegally. This just shows that they cannot be trusted. In saying this, they can’t be trusted when they claim that there is no child abuse, or any of the other allegations.

Immigration Fraud at Lev Tahor

Police Raid on Lev Tahor in ChathamOn April 2, 2014, the Canadian Border Services Agency made a series of arrests at the Jewish, ultra-orthodox Lev Tahor community compound near Chatham, and arrested 7 people.

What gets me is the need for sensationalism by members of the media, just to sell newspapers. The Globe and Mail described it as follows :

… a flotilla of vehicles from the Canadian Border Services Agency, Chatham-Kent Children’s Services and the Chatham-Kent Police Services rolled into Lev Tahor’s cluster of bungalows on the outskirts of Chatham, Ont.

What’s a flotilla? It is a fleet of ships or boats. How many boats are there in a flotilla? According to Wikianswers, there are 2 or more boats in a flotilla. If there were 3 agencies involved in making these arrests, and if each agency brought 3 vehicles in making these arrests, there may have been a total of 9 vehicles involved. The press attempts to describe it as a re-enactment of the D-Day landing in Normandy.

What is interesting is that it is a complete departure from previous enforcement and arrest actions taken by authorities. Before, these actions centred on allegations of child abuse, physical abuse, health, hygiene, and forced marriages of girls as young as 14 years of age. These were issues pertaining to the courts.

Now these issues are immigration matters. They could include illegal entry into Canada, the use of false documents to enter the country, falsely seeking refugee status, or even the expiry of visas, and especially visitor visas. If the latter is true, then why did these people enter Canada as visitors when they had the intent to stay in the country as residents? Is this misrepresentation?

Contravention of Canada’s Immigration Act by members of Lev Tahor is something that I have argued about for a long time.

Uriel Goldman, a cult spokesperson responded to the enforcement action by saying: “the community was shocked by the authorities’ actions since his group had been expecting a meeting between Lev Tahor lawyers and immigration officials within days”.

Wake up Uriel, everyone in Canada is required to have their status regularized, legitimized or legalized to avoid contravening Canada’s Immigration Act. In other words, they broke the law by not renewing their status before it expired. They were in Canada illegitimately or illegally!

Now one of their lawyers has removed himself from the case. With respect to Lev Tahor, the changing of lawyers has become a common re-occurrence. This might be indicative their leaving outstanding debts in Quebec.


Self Proclaimed Rabbi Shlomo Helbrans of Lev Tahor

Maybe they were following in the footsteps of their fearless leader, the self proclaimed Rabbi, Shlomo Helbrans who gained entry into Canada as a refugee through deceit and paying people to make false statements about him. Saying that he is a refugee is like making the argument, that if your aunt had balls, she would be your uncle! In fact, he is a convicted kidnapper who has as much right to be in Canada, as a convicted war criminal who has misrepresented himself.


True to form, Lev Tahor is continuing its soap opera and claims of harassment by the authorities because of anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism, when they could be guilty of being in this country illegally. It has nothing to do with their religion, or the way that practice their religion. It is based on the fact that they may be in Canada illegally and nothing more.

It just shows you that they tend to operate by denial and by stretching the truth and by claiming anti-Semitism as their only argument.