Lev Tahor Unpaid Taxes

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Members of Lev Tahor

In the past, many newspapers interviewed numerous people who were victimized and cheated in financial dealing with the cult. There are numerous cases of Shlomo Helbrans and his cult leaving Ste. Agathe-des-Monts, and leaving behind debts to various contractors who provided goods and services. These were hard-working and unsuspecting individuals who were duped and cheated.

Lev Tahor is known as a cult by mainstream Judaism. There are accusations of human trafficking, child abuse, spousal abuse, poor living conditions, and many other crimes.

Now we find out that the Canada Revenue Agency has placed a lien on 34 properties owned by the cult in Ste. Agathe-des-Monts in the amount of $4.4 million dollars in unpaid taxes.

As someone who has worked with the families of members who were “sucked into” the cult, I can only confirm that one of Lev Tahor’s on-going legacies are the unpaid debts that that they leave behind. They left Chatham-Kent for Guatemala without paying rent for the houses they occupied. A few weeks ago, I received a telephone call from a local lawyer, who was not paid for legal services rendered to the cult.

I found that in 2012 the Society for Spiritual Development, one of Lev Tahor’s charities, transferred $3.3 million to another Jewish charity in Quebec, the Canadian Friends of Holy Land Institution in 2012. That year, they only reported income in the amount of $678,470.

Now we find out that they own the Government of Canada $4.4 million. As citizens and taxpayers we should be outraged since any government shortfall must be shared by remaining taxpayers. In other words, we, collectively, the Canadian taxpayer has to assume their unpaid debt.

The cult has broken one of the ten commandments numerous time. I wonder how many more commandments these pious and so called observant and “G-d Fearing” manipulators, hypocrites and child abusers have broken.


Lev Tahor: Where The Money Comes From


Members of Lev Tahor

Time and time again, whenever I ask where Lev Tahor gets the money to finance their activities, I get the same answer: “I don’t know”. And whenever I ask the same question, I get the same answer: “I wish you’d tell me”.

I have been doing a great deal of research, and I have been asking many questions from members of the families who have lost brothers, sisters and children to the cult about this. As a result, I’m hoping to paint a picture that gives everyone some idea or at least some insight about how they have amassed their millions.

There are probably several Hareidi controlled private charities that funnel money to Lev Tahor in both Canada and the U.S. In a previous post, I found and talked about some larger charities such as the Society for Spiritual Development, one of Lev Tahor’s charities which  transferred $3.3 million to another Jewish charity in Quebec, the Canadian Friends of Holy Land Institution in 2012. I did find the revenues, expenditures, assets and liabilities reported by the Canadian Friends of Holy Land Institutions in 2012 which is illustrated in the following figure.

capture2[1]This was the same year that Lev Tahors’ Society for Spiritual Development transferred $3.3 million to this charity. I still cannot understand how the Canadian Friends of Holy Land Institutions can report revenues of $678,470 when it received a transfer of $3.3 million from Lev Tahor. I am also curious about the relationship between the Canadian Friends of Holy Land Institutions, and Lev Tahor and its Society for Spiritual Development.

There are other ways in which the cult generates funds in which to sustain itself.

I have been told that the father of the two remaining girls that recently banished from foster care in Canada boasted about how he went travelled throughout Orthodox Hareidi communities and to their synagogues raising funds which amounted to $3,000 per day.

Lev Tahor is quite adept and creative in their ability to manipulate the system and those they recruit into their cult. I was told of one case where a family in Israel that supported them made regular donations. Once they joined the cult, their property in Israel was handed over to the cult, which immediately sold the property. Just consider that the average house or condominium in Jerusalem sells for several hundred of thousands of dollars. If three families give up their housing to Lev Tahor, that is $1 million by which Lev Tahor is enriched.

They, as well as many other Orthodox sects are also known to manipulate and take advantage of existing government social assistance programs. In Ontario, a married couple with one child receives approximately $1,100 per month. This amount increases based on the number of children. When most families have 4 children or more, the monthly benefits that they could receive becomes quite significant. Helbrans and his lieutenants then hold their money to pay (and then some) for their housing, and give them a portion for food and other essentials. The cult then sets up a grocery store where members can buy food probably at inflated prices.

As you can see, socialism and caring for their brethren has fallen to wayside at Lev Tahor. One journalist in Montreal told me that members of Lev Tahor used to travel to the Tash orthodox colony near St. Therese Quebec to milk their goat. He then returned to sell the milk to Lev Tahor members. So capitalism and racketeering is also alive at Lev Tahor.

Final Lev Tahor Members Leave Canada Through Deceit

As you know, I have been following the Lev Tahor controversy with more than just keen interest. Lev Tahor has been aptly called a cult by many within and outside the Jewish community as a result of the allegations and evidence of child abuse, poor hygiene, forced marriages of 13 year olds, drugging members, human traficking and many other allegations.

Members of Lev Tahor Outside Typhus Infested Abandoned Office Building in Guatemala City

Lev Tahor has now completely fled Canada, and the country’s laws and courts, to establish what they want to call a paradise in Guatemala. No doubt they chose Guatemala in keeping with their questionable customs as the legal age for the marriage of girls is 13 years.

I have been advocating for the rights of these families which have suffered and continue to suffer the loss of their children, brothers and sisters to this cult. Earlier this year the exodus of members to Guatemala began. Two families fled in defiance of a court order that they remain in the Chatham area. Two minors, at the time,  a 14 and a 16 year old girl were apprehended in Trinidad while en route to Guatemala, and returned to Canada. Once they were returned, they were ordered to be placed in foster care by Chatham-Kent Children’s Services (CKCS). Because suitable facilities were not available in or near Chatham, Toronto’s Jewish Family & Child Services (JF&CS) would oversee the day-to-day care of the two girls.

Since the cult first surfaced to attention, I have been involved “through thick and thin”. I hosted the grandmother and a family friend when they visited the girls in foster care. I negotiated visits with the girls for them, and arranged for them to spend the Sabbath together.

In Guatemala, the cult has already experienced expulsion from the town of San Juan de Laguna where they were accused of arrogance, intimidating local residents and other matters. Moving from a dirt floor house, they are now living in an abandoned office building in the country’s capital where they lack sanitary facilities, and all of the other necessities for a reasonable existence. It is no wonder that an outbreak of typhus has occurred. So much for their paradise!

Apparently, last weekend, the two remaining girls in foster care escaped from their foster home and took a taxi to the Toronto bus terminal, and then a bus to Niagara Falls where they met their father. Apparently Nachman Helbrans, a cult leader, and the girls’ father aided and possibly arranged their escape.

Joseph Solimani & Nachman Helbrans

Father of the Two Girls (left) with Lev Tahor Henchman, Nachman Helbrans (right)

According to media reports, they were stopped by U.S. authorities where they were placed in the care of Children’s Services of Niagara County, New York. Their case quickly came before the U.S. courts, but the children were both returned to the father who more than likely assisted them in evading Canada’s court and justice system. This was reported in the Montreal Gazette.

CKCS may be unjustly accused of allowing the girls to escape and evade the Ontario courts. Although they may be the responsible agency, it must be understood that JF&CS was involved in supervising the day-day-day and overall care being provided to the girls. These arrangements were made to ensure that the needs of the girls were met with respect to kosher food and to ensure their comfort from a orthodox perspective. Let’s face it, there are few if any Jewish families in Chatham where the girls could be placed, and kosher food is not readily, if at all available.

Therefore JF&CS were given the job and authority of responsibility to supervise the day-to-day foster care, safety and security of the two girls. In fact, it was JF&CS that arranged for foster care and placed them into the foster home.

Based on what has been written and reported in the media, there are many questions that have to be answered by JF&CS:

  1. How did the two girls manage to leave their foster home without being detected?
  2. Who had access to the foster home? When I went to pick up the grandmother who visited them for the Sabbath, I was subjected to a very thorough questioning by the security guard at the home.
  3. As they took a taxi to the bus terminal, and then a bus to Niagara Falls, who assisted them and how were they able to contact the girls?
  4. As the girls did not have any money, where did they get the money for the taxi and bus fare?
  5. Knowing that they were not allowed to go anywhere without a male escort, how did the two girls know to go to the bus station? Who assisted them to break the law?
  6. The foster home was located on an “out of the way street”. No taxi would venture on that street unless it was to pick-up or drop off a fare. Who arranged for the taxi?
  7. How did the girls get the money to take a taxi and bus?
  8. How did a foster family in Montreal know before anyone else that the girls had fled? Why did the foster family in Toronto allegedly contact the foster family in Montreal?

But the most important question of all was: did JF&CS did breach confidentiality? On a personal note, I know of two occasions in the past where the agency had breached confidentiality. If true why were these two foster homes allowed to have contact with each other?

As a representative of the grandmother, I immediately called JF&CS. The supervisor denied any knowledge of the incident nor any responsibility for what occurred even though they placed the girls in the foster home or were responsible for their supervision – a totally disturbing and reprehensible attitude on their part.

There are other issues that have to be considered. Why did Lev Tahor’s lawyer allow, and not counsel the father to refrain from aiding and abetting the escape of the girls from foster care against the court order that they remain in care? According to him, he only found out about the girls once they reached the border. But he should have counselled the father to return the girls to Canada.

The two girls were the last members of the cult to leave Canada. A week before the incident occurred, the Hayon family which were the sole remaining family in Chatham made arrangements to leave and return to Israel with their six children. According to the family, Nachman Helbrans, the son of the devious, deceptive and dangerous cult leader, Shlomo Helbrans paid them a visit and kidnapped two of the children – a girl aged 15 years, and a boy aged 18 years.

Once they returned to Israel, the remaining members of the family were honoured with a party. The following photograph shows the uncle of the two girls that escaped from the foster home with Esther Hayon and two of her children. It’s unfortunate that all 6 children could not be reunited in Israel, together.


This is the kind of criminal behavour which is par for course for Lev Tahor.

An Empty Victory for Lev Tahor

The Orthodox sect Lev Tahor has successfully appealed a ruling that would have returned 14 children to be placed in foster care in Quebec.

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Members of Lev Tahor

It was a rare but empty victory for Lev Tahor, which many feel is a cult.

The cult left Quebec for Chatham, Ontario just before a sentence could be enforced by that province’s child welfare system that 14 children be placed into foster care. Once they got to Chatham, they again were required to face Ontario’s judicial system about these same allegations. This time, they attempted to outrun the courts by fleeing to Guatemala. Several of them never reached Guatemala but were returned to Canada from Trinidad.

There have been allegations by child welfare officials, which was reported by the media. Allegations included child abuse, beatings, children forcibly being removed from their parents and being placed with other parents as a form of punishment, underage marriages as young as 14 years, children sleeping in urine soaked beds, poor hygiene, low educational standards, running away from the law, and applying for refugee status in Guatemala and Trinidad. They left Canada to avoid prosecution, and to avoid facing charges, allegations and evidence of the abuse of children .

Some call the recent decision a “rare legal victory” as removing the children to Quebec “would be contrary to their best interests,” and would also “have disastrous emotional and psychological ramifications for them”. I agree that separating the children by moving them to Quebec would not be a good move for any of these children, and would certainly have psychological consequences for them.

The ruling is only an empty or hollow victory for the cult. I say this looking closely at the comments made by Superior Court Justice Lynda Templeton in her 36 page decision which she released to the public. Her decision shows that Lev Tahor is not exonerated from the allegations facing them.

One has to realize, when legal appeals are made, the decision that is made and the scope of the issue considered are very narrow indeed. The Courts only look at whether or not the trial decision was correct in law. In this case, Justice Templeton only addressed the issue of whether or not the children should be returned to Quebec, and be placed in foster care in that province.

She was quite clear of that in her decision. She made her decision that would not require the children to return to Quebec based on the emotional and psychological damage that would be created. Her comments throughout the written decision makes it abundantly clear about the court’s concerns about the validity of these allegations of abuse, and the behaviour of the adults.

Justice Templeton’s decision contained a number of statements expressing concern about the circumstances of the children relative to the allegations of abuse. She explicitly points out that the children are at risk.

decision 5


Her decision best exemplifies the fact that the concerns and actions of the courts and child welfare authorities are not an issue of persecution, or the religious smear campaign that members of the cult and their outside supporters claim. It may not even be an issue of parents being unable to care for their children. The issue is that it is strongly felt that the children are at risk. It may not even be the fault of the parents. It must be remembered that Helbrans and his enforcers exhibit a great deal of influence on all members of the cult, and especially the parents of these and other children within that community.

The best summary of the concern of the Courts and Chatham-Kent Children’s Services is best found in Justice Templeton’s statement within her decision that:

decision 3

In other words, the government or state has an obligation and responsibility to protect children, and particularly these children. As such, Chatham-Kent Children’s Services can no longer investigate or act on the allegations put forward by Quebec’s child welfare agencies, but is obligated to undertake its own investigations and obtain its own evidence. They are also obligated to undertake new investigations and any actions that it may feel are appropriate to protect these children, most particularly from the cult’s leaders.

decision 4

In other words, they cannot outrun the Courts. Wherever they go, authorities will always be required to ensure that these children are not placed at risk. Chatham-Kent Children’s Services is required to act on behalf of government and the Courts to ensure that these children are not at risk.

Hopefully, they will not find any proof of the allegations before them. But based on what we’ve heard to date, I seriously doubt it.

Lev Tahor Continues Its Deception


February 25, 2014 Protest in Support of Lev Tahor

Earlier today at the Chatham, Ontario courthouse, members of Lev Tahor filed their appeal of Judge Stephen Fuerth’s ruling that a Quebec court order to remove children from the community can be enforced in Ontario. At the same time, in front of the court house, a rally in support of Lev Tahor  drew a crowd of supporters who view the actions of the Chatham-Kent Children’s Aid Society and the courts as harassment and discrimination from a human rights perspective.

The original court decision came down in Quebec last November and required 14 children to be placed in foster homes as a result of allegations that included abuse, poor hygiene, neglect, and poor educational standards. However, just before Quebec child welfare officials were to act, about 200 members of the sect fled their homes in Sainte-Agathe-des-Monts, Quebec in the middle of the night and moved to Chatham, Ontario. Lev Tahor may have taken this unprecedented move to avoid the implementation of the Quebec court order as indicated in Judge Fuerth’s decision. Continue reading

Lev Tahor: Search Warrants Reveal Strong Allegations of Child Abuse

lev tahor 8

Members of Lev Tahor

Information concerning the search warrants executed by the Sûreté du Québec and Chatham- Kent Regional Police on January 29th on 2 homes within the Lev Tahor community in Chatham, has now been released, but much of the information has been censored to protect the privacy of individuals. Lev Tahor will be filing their appeal on February 25th.

Although no information about what was seized is included, we may be able to speculate on the purpose of issuing that search warrant from the information that has been made available. The allegations highlight the use of force, intimidation and relocation to other families to keep children and community members in line. Continue reading

Documents on Lev Tahor Raid to be Made Public

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Residents of Lev Tahor

On January 29th, police from Quebec and the Chatham-Kent Regional Police arrived at the Lev Tahor apartments north of Chatham, Ontario with a search warrant looking for documents and computers in two homes.

Lev Tahor was recently in family court to fight a move by the Chatham-Kent Children’s Aid Society to remove 14 of its children from their families. Last November, the sect packed up and moved in the middle of the night to Chatham, before a Quebec verdict of whether or not children should be removed and placed in foster homes, came down. Ontario Justice Stephen Fuerth upheld a Quebec child protection order, and has ordered the removal of 13 of the children to be sent to foster homes in Quebec.

The merit of the concerns held by Quebec child protection officials is reflected by Justice Stephen Fuerth’s ruling in support of the Quebec order. His ruling was balanced with a decision which allowed 30 days for any appeal by Lev Tahor even though Lev Tahor’s legal counsel only requested a stay of 10 days before implementing the order. Continue reading