Denial and Finding the Truth About Lev Tahor

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Lev Tahor Guatemala Update

My apologies to my readers and followers for my taking time off from writing about what has been going on within Lev Tahor. The last time that I wrote about this matter, the cult had just moved to Guatemala. The two girls who were in the care of the Jewish Family & Child Service of Greater Toronto somehow managed to leave care undetected, and were able to enter the U.S. However, the U.S. authorities have not allowed them to leave that country.

I decided that I should maintain a low level on this matter, as I did not wish to endanger the safety of the two girls who at the time were fifteen and seventeen years of age. Also, I was attempting to assist Oded Tuik whose sister and family were in the clutches of Lev Tahor, escape from the cult.


Oded Tuik With his nieces and nephews residing in the U.S.

Those relatives were spirited out of Guatemala one night, and were taken to Argentina. While in Argentina they have undergone intensive therapy, and have since returned to live in the U.S. The whole family is now re-united, and reside on the East Coast. Mazel Tov is also in order for one of the two girls who will marry, in the next few weeks, at a more mature age than thirteen. This time it will be to a person of her own choosing, and not to someone chosen by Helbrans or his stooges.

Over the last year, some people have contacted me to learn more about what happened to the girls and the families within the cult. Please accept my apologies for not responding to you as I did not wish to inadvertently divulge anything that could endanger these people.

I continue to follow developments that are taking place. It has now been approximately two years since Lev Tahor moved to Guatemala. Their first stop was San Juan La Laguna where they were “run out of town” because of their disrespectful lifestyle including the shunning of women, and the refusal to greet local residents.

They then fled to the capital, Guatemala City, where they were housed in an industrial building. Last week, Guatemalan police raided their compound apparently due to complaints about child abuse. Over the years, there have been recorded instances by authorities, and evidence specifically in Quebec, about child abuse that has taken place within the cult.

The main reason for the raid was by the request from the Government and Courts of the State of Israel. One of the families that returned to Israel, were ordered by the courts not to leave the country. Nevertheless they defied the court order and left for Guatemala. Now the State of Israel is invoking its right under international law to have the family returned.

Once again, Lev Tahor is playing the same game of screaming injustice when accusations are being made. Time after time, specifically in Canada, charges were laid and court appearance and trials were to take place, they ran rather than provide evidence to refute charges and allegations against them.

There is a strong likelihood that they will pack up again and move on in the next few days to avoid the local authorities. This time it could be to a compound that they are building in Santa Rosa near the border of El Salvador.

They have also continued to engage the services of Guidy Mamann, a high priced Canadian immigration lawyer who has flown down to take charge of legal matters. The following is a lengthy propaganda interview that took place with Mr. Mamann.

I have a number of concerns with what Mr. Mamaan is conveying to the public about Lev Tahor, their practices, the supposed lack of evidence, and his analogies to the Shoah, another term for the Holocaust.

Mr. Mamann makes a number of statements of how Lev Tahor has been victimized. He draws the analogy to the Shoah, and how Jews have not been treated in this manner since that era. I take exception to these types of statements because they cheapen and erode the significance of the Holocaust.

At no time during dark era were Jews subjected to violence, harassment and victimization due to their practices of child rearing. They were targeted for one reason, and one reason alone: they were Jews. If you ask any Holocaust survivor why they were singled out for extermination by the Nazis, their answer will be “because we were Jews”. The issue of child abuse by Jews, or any other group for that matter, never enters this equation. I only wish that there were more survivors alive who would be able to give you this same answer. Mr. Mamann cheapens the significance and importance of the Holocaust and its place in the history of mankind when he makes these untruthful and inconsiderate statements.

Concern about this cult is based on strong evidence that child abuse is inherent to Lev Tahor. One of the girls who now living on the U.S. East Coast recounts to school children how she was held against her will and locked up in a basement for months on end because she refused to marry at the ripe old age of thirteen years. According to the United Nations, this was a form of child abuse that was practiced on this child as illustrated in their definition.


Mr. Mamann, mentioned in his interview that no evidence was ever presented to prove the allegations of child abuse by Lev Tahor. However, he neglected to mention the findings documented by child welfare authorities in Quebec, and the evidence presented to the courts disputing their claims that they were righteous upstanding Jews who only wanted to practice their faith in their own way. What about the incoherent 17 year old girl, who was taken by ambulance to a hospital because she was beaten by members of the cult.

It is about time that the cult and their lawyer face the courts and the allegations of child abuse rather just dismissing them and crying harassment and victimization on the grounds that they are Jews. Face the reality, like it or not, unfortunately, some Jews, do these kinds of things, some are robbers, some are murderers, and some are abusers of children.