Denial and Finding the Truth About Lev Tahor

guatemala-cityLev Tahor has now left the industrial building in Guatemala City that they occupied. They have boarded their buses to Santa Rosa, approximately 50 kilometres away in the country’s interior. Both push and pull factors no doubt led to their decision to abandon the industrial building that they occupied in the Central American capital.

From what they had said, the local inhabitants could not get along with them. Or was it that they could not get along with their neighbours? Understandably the landlord threatened to cut off the water and power to the building. He wanted them to leave and did not want the negative publicity.

As in the case of abandoning their homes in Quebec and Chatham, I hope that they did not cause and leave any damages. Hopefully, they will pay their debts, unlike one of their Chatham based lawyers who was “stiffed” by the cult.

The Guatemalan government acted at the request of the State of Israel to enforce that country’s court ruling; that specific members of the cult remain in Israel. Instead these people defied the Israeli court ruling and the State of Israel, and left for Guatemala. This also occurred in Canada, from where most of them fled successfully.

Under international law, it is common practice for countries to request extradition of its citizens and residents when crimes are committed or the courts are defied. As I have said, this was not the first time that people have been returned to a country from which they left. Just look at the case of those members of Lev Tahor who were returned to Canada from Trinidad because they defied the Canadian courts that forbade them from leaving the Province of Ontario. This would not have happened had they remained in Ontario, and before that, Quebec, to face the allegations against them.

What irks me is that these allegations of the abuse leveled at them, have only been challenged with their own denials that anything ever occurred. They have never substantiated their denial by providing their own proof. Never have they presented any evidence to prove their innocence. They merely refute these claims against them without any evidence to support their position.

They make accusations of violence and harassment against them by virtue of the fact and only because they are Jews. They claim that they are being singled out in the same manner as European Jewry during the Nazi era. They even use the word “genocide” to describe their treatment by government authorities.

Even their lawyer, Guidy Mamann compared the treatment received by Lev Tahor to that of Jews at the hands of Nazi Germany. This is reprehensible and outrageous. The Jews of Europe were only singled by Nazism because they were Jews, and for no other reason. Ask any holocaust survivor.

Have the 1,500 Jews of Guatemala, outside of Lev Tahor been harassed or mistreated by the Guatemalan government or police?

Their lawyer’s position is that there is no proof of these allegations against Lev Tahor. He may in fact be twisting and interchanging the words “Proof” and “Evidence” for his own convenience.

Evidence is the facts and findings used to establish that something is true, or not true. Proof is the result or what has been established by the evidence. In order to determine what is true, or what is a lie, evidence is required. Every time, a court is scheduled to hear the evidence about Lev Tahor, and to determine whether it is true or not, they flee. How can society believe them, when they refuse to allow the truth to be revealed? Lev Tahor has in fact denied the world from hearing the truth about them, their practices and behaviour. It is difficult to believe them when they place roadblocks to finding and knowing the truth.

If innocent as claimed, they should have nothing to fear and not runaway. The guilty usually run. In this age of open and transparent media reporting, they would have had a fair trial, and presented evidence of their innocence. The media would then have reported everything accurately so that there would be no question of their guilt, or maybe even their innocence.




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