Lev Tahor: Leaving a Trail of Shattered Families & Broken Hearts

Lev Tahor Quebec

Lev Tahor in Ste. Agathe-des-Monts

My last post on Lev Tahor discussed the fact that the Canada Revenue Agency placed a lien in the amount of $4.3 million on the properties owned by Lev Tahor in Ste. Agathe-des-Monts for the nonpayment of taxes.

I received a comment from Orit Cohen whose family came into the clutches of Lev Tahor. The following is the text of her comments written in Hebrew, followed by an English translation.

Irit Cohen

cohen orit

I wish that I had an answer to Orit Cohen’s question of when the Jewish community will help the children of Lev Tahor. I continue to be very disenchanted with the Jewish community’s response and efforts on this matter. It is as if they are afraid of Helbrans and Lev Tahor. Maybe it is a self-centred attitude on their part.

Over the last few months, I have received a number of nasty, ignorant and uninformed responses from individuals. I have also received repeated criticisms from non-Jewish readers and their lackeys located in towns such as Peterborough, Ontario, as well as by the likes of Nachman Helbrans, a stooge and son of Shlomo Helbrans. Most of Nachman Helbrans’ comments are packed with lie after lie, and include name calling, and just about all his comments end with me being called a self-hating Jew. I am delighted that the Helbrans’ reads my blog, and I am even more delighted that I have hit a nerve.

With respect to my last post, Helbrans could not understand how Lev Tahor has stolen $4.3 million from Canadian taxpayers. As a quick lesson in government finance, governments have budgets of how much it will cost to run a country and provide services. They estimate how much is needed to be raised in taxes from Canadians. When one taxpayer, corporation or organization does not pay its share of taxes, the rest of the taxpayers are required to make up that shortfall. In this case, by not paying the $4.3 million that Lev Tahor owes, the remaining Canadian taxpayer must make it up. In other words, it’s stealing from the other taxpayers.

Helbrans again called me a self-hating Jew. I am still waiting for a sound and logical argument from him. All I receive is “name calling”.

Just to let you know Nachman, I am a proud Jew. I derive my strength in my religion from my Zionist beliefs. I am sure that my parents who are Holocaust survivors have helped me shape my identity. Had there been strong Zionism and a State of Israel in the 1940’s I am sure that the family that I have grown up with, would have been much larger. Never again, Nachman!

I am sure that you know what is written in the Talmud:

“Whoever destroys a soul, it is considered as if he destroyed an entire world. And whoever saves a life,  it is considered as if he saved an entire world.” — Mishnah Sanhedrin 4:9

I have defended Judaism on countless occasions. I have sought to protect and ensure the human rights of all. In that same light, Nachman, can you and your fellow conspirators say same the same thing? Based on the comments that I received from Orit Cohen, as well as others, why do you destroy the souls of your members? Based on similar comments from the families of those who suffer under the hand of Lev Tahor, why does Lev Tahor practice physical and psychological abuse to keep these people under its spell and control?

Lev Tahor in Guatemala CityYour actions, by keeping your members on a psychological leash and brainwashing them has affected the emotional, psychological and financial wellbeing of their extended families. I have spoken to grieving and sad parents. Some of which have had to seek psychological support which has affected their physical health. Some of them have had to be hospitalized for treatment to help them deal with their tragedies. Lev Tahor has created illness for the families of its members.

Where ever they have gone they have left misery and destruction. In Chatham, they left well over $8,000 in damages to doors. Lev Tahor has no regard for people or for society.









8 thoughts on “Lev Tahor: Leaving a Trail of Shattered Families & Broken Hearts

  1. I repeat again, Lev Tahor does not owe 1 dollar to Canada Revenue Agency, I already explained you, that Lev tahor only file late their tax return, and as procedure the charity is revoked and all the belonging of the charity belongs to the government, because the government believe that all of the income of the charity is from tax dollars given instead to the charity. However, Lev Tahor only received a specific property with a special condition, from a donor in the USA, not tax exempt at all. Lev Tahor as honorable Jews (Yes, sir! there are some!) return back the property when its became clear that they will not be able to fulfill the conditions. Now, the government ask us money that not in our hands, and as a punishment take away hundreds of thousands of dollars, beside all the expenses for lawyers, just add the un-affordable amounts we had to pay for lawyers because the government decided the the Jewish religion is danger for their development. and you still make antisemitic propaganda that the poor Jews that are persecuted are the thieves of the Canadian Tax dollars.

    Being a Zionist does not necessarily mean to be a Jew respecter, many Zionist leaders claim the basis of their ideology on the claims that exile orthodox Jews are the one to blame of all their troubles and all the troubles of the country they reside in.

    How exactly we damage the soul of our children, as you claim, beside if you believe that the Torah that we teach them is damaging the youth (an old antisemitic concept, believed and repeated by many Zionist ideologist leaders).

    It really looks like you are on the same opinion, that why I believe that you are a Zionist self hating Jew!

    Guidy Mamman and My grand parents are good examples of Zionist that are proud Jews and as so love other Jews also, regardless if they are Zionist or not. You are the example of the opposite.

    • What about the thousands of dollars in damage that you caused and left in Chatham? What about the outstanding debt that Lev Tahor to the lawyer Julie Lee? Lev Tahor still owes her for professional services rendered.

      You are an example of Lev Tahor members being brainwashed.

      • What is the relevance?
        We are a community, and every community and any corporation owes some times and pay sometimes, so what is the relevance to “being brainwashed”?
        I just show you that you are interested to smear your Jewish brothers in their hard time and to sprinkle salt on their wounds, so to conclude: a self hating Jew!

      • You say that you “pay sometimes”. An honourable person pays their debts all the time. Therefore, you admit that you and your group are not honourable. Not paying your debts is akin to stealing.

        In San Juan La Laguna, according to Antonio Ixtamer, members of your cult would go into stores and pay whatever they wanted. This is the Lev Tahor way of living in society. It is wrong and shows your group’s arrogance. If you feel that this type of behaviour is acceptable, then you have been brain washed.

        You and your group are an embarrassment to Judaism. It is wrong. You are definitely demented and sick.

  2. This cult has an “answer” for everything. This is common with habitual liars. What a blow this must be to Lev Tahor considering the amount of tax dollars they stole from the Canadian Government. Shameful, horrible, corrupt “leaders” of innocent people who are trapped in a life they have no means to escape. Please never stop reporting on these thugs. You may one day save lives.

    • That is the nicest comment that I have ever received from anyone. Thank you. You are telling me that I am doing the right thing, and I can’t tell you how good it makes me feel. Thanks again and best wishes.

  3. You are doing the right thing. So many people and agencies have dropped the ball when it comes to helping the innocent victims of this cult. It’s difficult to fix what you cannot see and you are keeping them
    in people’s sight. Thank you for not forgetting about them.

  4. גו’רג תודה לך שאתה עוזר לנו במלחמה נגד הכת האכזרית הזו, כת לב טהור, , תודה לאל אמא שלי יצאה מבית החולים, כשהיא התעוררה בבית החולים לאחר שהיתה במצב של בלבול היא לא הפסיקה לבכות על כך שיתכן והיא לא תזכה לראות את בנה ונכדיה עד יום מותה, היא כבר בת 75 ולא צעירה, , נחמן הלברנץ שעונה כאן הוא אחד האנשים הכי אכזריים בכת, הוא משמש כאחד המנהלים ונוהג להכות ילדים קטנים ולתלוש אותם בכח מהידיים של הוריהם לחינוך מחדש כשהם צורחים ובוכים, ,הוא אומן של שקרים ומניפולציות ואין מילה אחת שיוצאת מפיו המלוכלך שהיא אמת,ילדים רבים בלב טהור לא שולטים בצרכיהם לצערי מפחד, אנו כיהודים מאמינים שכל ישראל ערבים זה לזה, אני מתפללת ליום שיהודים נוספים יצטרפו אלנו להצלת ילדי כת לב טהור, ומקווה ש בעזרת השם נוכל להביא לילדים חסרי האונים האלו גם שמחה לחיים הנוראיים שלהם, גדעון ממן העורך דין היהודי מתפלל בבית הכנסת ועוזר להתעללות בילדים.תמורת בצע כסף. אני תקווה שיהיה מישהו בקהילה היהודית שיאמר לו את האמת, אני בטוחה שילדיו חיים באושר ואהבה לא כך ילדי כת לב טהור

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