Should Jian Ghomeshi Share a Cell With Paul Bernardo


Jian Ghomeshi, former host of CBC radio culture show Q,

When it first came to light that “Q” radio host Jian Ghomeshi was fired by the CBC because they believed his sexual behaviour was unbecoming of a prominent host, I said to myself “what an absolute moron”! I apply this same standard of behaviour to everyone and especially to those who are high profile and prominent for they are constantly in the public spotlight. The world supposedly looks up to them, and they should know better.

Just ask the Ford brothers if they were judged in the same way as regular folk. They were held to higher standards reserved mostly for the “big shots and the chosen people”.

Now we have Ghomeshi who first came forward crying woe is me because the CBC terminated his employment based on his sexual indiscretions. He made it sound like it was based on a jealous lover, making him look like “the love em and leave em” type. Then when three women came forward, detailing the incidents of how, they were beaten, slapped and choked against their will by Ghomeshi, his explanation of being an innocent bystander to these amorous escapades just fell apart. Since then, nine women have made allegations about being assaulted by Ghomeshi.

Actress Lucy DeCoutere recounted how she was repeatedly slapped by Ghomeshi. Then lawyer Reva Seth revealed how Ghomeshi choked her, and violently and sexually assaulted her. How can assault and especially sexual assault ever be considered to be consensual? Yes, I am a prude, and I am extremely proud of it. If someone gives me a flag with “I am a prude” written on it, I will probably jump up and down and wave it with pride.

No one should ever be the victim of any kind of assault or violence.

Digging his grave deeper, Ghomeshi then admitted that he showed his employer a tape of how consensual BDSM sex could cause bruises. Navigator, the prominent crisis management and public relations firm subsequently dropped him as his client based on his lies. It all backfired on him, and not only removed all doubt about Ghomeshi but showed the world what he really is – a sadistic pervert, plain and simple. Even the BDSM community is calling Ghomeshi’s style of sex, out and out abuse as shown in the video contained in the following link.

With his lack of respect for women for anything other than they should be used to fulfill his perverse fantasies, he could be a poster boy for ISIS which also violates and sexually abuses thousands of women. The only difference between Ghomeshi and ISIS is that he was until now financially supported by the Canadian public through the CBC.

On that note there are many questions for which the CBC should be held accountable. First of all, according to reports, the CBC should have been aware of Ghomeshi’s violent and sexually harassing behaviour. The first incident occurred in 2010 when a producer of “Q” complained that Ghomeshi threatened to hate f_ck her. If this wasn’t sexual harassment, what else was it? As well as being a cornerstone of its personnel policies to protect its employees, the CBC had an obligation to its employees and the public to launch an investigation, and if evidence of a wrong doing was found, Ghomeshi should have been immediately terminated.

Instead, the CBC allowed this culture of harassment to continue for another four years, unabated. During this time another employee was sexually harassed with Ghomeshi cupping his hands on her buttocks. The same women spoke to the Executive Producer of Q about the incident, and he or she did nothing. What is with this “do nothing” culture at the CBC?

How many more unreported incidents of harassment and abuse occurred?

Then when the broadcaster moved to cut its ties with Ghomeshi, it offered him the option of resigning and pretending that his departure from the CBC was voluntary. Instead, he announced plans to sue the company for $50 million.

Now the CBC is providing counselling to employees who may have been victim to Ghomeshi’s perverted and abusive antics. CBC president Hubert Lacroix, in a statement titled “Note to Canadians,” said the allegations “have left me in shock, sadness, and some anger.” He also said that as a father of two young daughters, he empathizes with those “who have felt powerless to speak out, or who have tried to speak out and felt ignored.” This speaks more to CBC’s “do nothing” culture.

What is it with the CBC? Years ago it had evidence that Ghomeshi committed a crime of sexual assault on at least one occasion. Why didn’t they call the police? If the CBC saw robbery or murder being committed, would they not alert the police? Clearly, the integrity and reputation of Canada’s broadcaster has to be questioned.

As a crown corporation which is supported in some part by Canadian taxpayers, the CBC should be held accountable to the public. My appreciation of the CBC and its reputation has been drastically eroded. They owe Canadians both an explanation and apology, and probably a thorough housecleaning.

The Toronto Police Service has now launched an investigation of these accusations against Ghomeshi. I admire and deeply respect these women who have come forward with their complaints. They are definitely doing the right thing. These are truly women of immense character.

As for Ghomeshi, my hope is that he ends up sharing a cell with Paul Bernardo so he can truly appreciate how these women have been made to feel.


One thought on “Should Jian Ghomeshi Share a Cell With Paul Bernardo

  1. The BDSM community and Ghomeshi’s style of sex disrespects humanity in their perverse fantasies. Having the BDSM community state Ghomeshi is out of line only means they are afraid (and should be) since they too are perverts and promote violence and deviance. No wonder they are quick to say they are not like him. They promote such violence ans say it is ok. Even planned parenthood has been caught on tape promoting it to under-aged teens. Many in this world are perverse and now they are just getting caught.

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