Lev Tahor: All Is Not Right in Paradise


Lev Tahor Members Loading on to a Bus Leaving San Juan de Laguna, Guatemala

It seems that there is trouble in paradise for Lev Tahor. After fleeing Quebec in the middle of the night last December for Chatham-Kent, and then defying a court order not to leave the Chatham area, the cult any way fled to the idyllic village of San Juan de Laguna, Guatemala where they sought refuge. The remaining few families left Chatham quietly for Guatemala over the last few weeks. From what I understand, 2 of the girls placed into foster care by the Ontario courts have now been abandoned by their parents.

They are now being “run out of town” lock, stock and Chumash. According to reports, village elders threatened to cut off water and electricity to the cult if they didn’t leave.

Some boarded buses during the last few days of August in search of a welcoming Guatemalan community which will allow them to build 30 homes. The rest will follow in the next few days.

Once again, the cult leadership, is conveniently playing the role of the poor victim. “I don’t understand why they don’t want us. We’re doing nothing bad here,” Uriel Goldman, a spokesperson for the community wrote in an e-mail, “They also warned us they would remove us from the village by force.”

One community resident was quoted saying that several members of the group had upset residents because of their arrogant attitude. He went on to say that several times members of the Lev Tahor community would go into stores and pay whatever they wanted for the products rather than the marked price. They also bothered tourists where on one occasion there was a tourist taking pictures of a hill and the Jews thought he was taking photos of them and they clashed.

After reading what residents have said, it is easy to come to a conclusion that it’s absolute poppy-cock!  Even if one of the members did say that there were people who liked them and cried when they left, where are his/her witnesses? Statements like this mean nothing without proof. So if any resident of San Juan de Laguna wants to come forward and say that he/she supports this cult, I welcome them to do so. But be prepared to provide your real name and proof that you are a resident.

What bothers me is that there are still Jews who continue to conveniently cry anti-Semitism instead of looking within themselves. Just listen to the following interview by Uriel Goldman where he accuses the Canadian courts of planning genocide against the cult.

Rabbi Shalom Pelman, who leads the Chabad Lubavitch congregation in Guatemala’s capital city, said it is the type of activity that brings to mind the treatment of Jews in Nazi Germany. He went on to say: “This is not typical in the world I live in. Even in Iran, Jews are not expelled.”

As a child of holocaust survivors, I feel that Rabbi Pelman is cheapening the holocaust when he equates the cult’s eviction with Nazi Germany. During the reign of Hitler, the Jews of many of the towns and villages lived if not in harmony, at least in co-existence with gentiles. It was only with the emergence with Nazism were Jews deported. By the way, at that time they were deported to concentration camps.

I wonder if Rabbi Pelman spoke to his colleague at Chabad in San Pedro, Guatemala which has served San Juan de Laguna since 2010. Is this Chabad House being forced to close down because of anti-Semitism and harassment from the local community?

Shame on you, Rabbi Pelman! Did you go to San Juan de Laguna and investigate? Did you speak with any of the locals?

The answer here lies in the arrogance of the cult according to locals, and their refusal to conform to societal norms. It was seen in Quebec where authorities determined that society’s minimal standards of education were not being met. The CBC showed how children could not add numbers.

There may even be a sense of entitlement by the cult and its leaders. What respectful individual would go into a store, and tell a store keeper how much he will pay for an item, when the price is posted? Central America is not eastern Europe where anti-Semitism has been entrenched for centuries upon centuries.

It’s a holier than thou art attitude that is practiced by Lev Tahor and other Hareidi sects. It’s one thing to practice your religion and culture freely. But it is another thing to practice your religion while invading the norms of general society and mocking society and everyone else’s beliefs.

As a Jew, Lev Tahor has little tolerance for me, and they have called me many names. I have news for them. At the end of the day I can go to sleep with a clear conscience knowing that I have tried to be respectful of others and their beliefs. However, I draw the line at others who commit child and spousal abuse. From what I have been told, and from what I have seen, Lev Tahor practices both types of abuse.

In the case of Lev Tahor, it’s called RESPECT. Without showing respect for others, and in the case of this cult, I doubt that they will be welcome anywhere.


9 thoughts on “Lev Tahor: All Is Not Right in Paradise

  1. Not only does Uriel Goldman sound like a typical cult member who also views every criticism of the sect as persecution and victimization, but many other features of their behavior are not in tune with normative Orthodox Judaism of the last several centuries. Most blatant of course is the dress of the women and girls, which has been copied from Iranian culture and itself constitutes a prohibition in the Torah. The virtual worship of Shlomo Erez Helbrans is not Jewish at all. He is not a teacher or a rabbi. He is a cult leader who evidently has messianic pretensions. What a desecration of the name of G-d and the Torah itself. And the poor children are not being provided a normal Orthodox Jewish upbringing.

  2. Nachman, try to improve your English with your postings. No one expects you to reject your father’s behavior as your mother rejected him. But you cannot deny the claims about the sect, UNLESS you think the whole world is against your group. Who ever heard of chassidic Jews moving to an obscure place with no Yiddishkeit as a tourist resort area? Who ever heard of a rabbi telling his adult followers to write 100 times “I will not be late for davvening”? Who ever heard of a single Orthodox community anywhere having their women and unmarried girls wear chadors as is the practice in Iran among the Muslims? Who ever heard of a man claiming to be a rabbi also state that he is the reincarnation of Rabbi Nachman of Braslov? This has to stop. Ribbono Shel Olam, this is one big chilul hashem going on. It has to stop.

    • Thanks for your comments. The most obscene fraud in today’s Jewish world.

    • I was born in Israel, than lived in rural Quebec where English was almost unknown, so taken into account my stay in US my English is reasonable. The community is moving because of Yiddishkeit, this is the Jewish faith always, and what about Chabad houses in any tourist area, it bothering you?. The way of dressing is original old fashion Jewish women dressings, may be we need to sheave our beards too because of Muslims… I never hear the rabbi claiming the hat he is the reincarnation of Rabbi Nachman of Braslov, it is probably lie number 1001 (out of 10000) lies about Lev Tahor. All this situation that Jews advocating antisemitism by lies has to stop. Ribbono Shel Olam, this is one big chilul hashem going on. It has to stop.

  3. By the way, Nachman, WHERE IS YOUR FATHER? He isn’t in Ontario, he isn’t in Guatemala and maybe isn’t in Quebec by himself. So where is he??

  4. Nachman,

    If Guatemalans are sympathetic to your plight, why have you not brought them forward as witnesses.

    Based on your lack of respect for those who cannot tolerate the type of Judaism that you and your cult follow, which is not within the realm of mainstream Judaism, I am sure that you have called me many things. I also doubt that you have said positive anything positive about me. You have lied to me about your mother. You have stood by while your mother was physically abused by your father. What kind of Jew are you, who stands by and does not help someone who is being physically abused? What type of son are you to let this happen to your mother?

    I am not anti-Semitic, just anti Lev Tahor because you physically abuse women and children. I loathe those like you who preach that they are better than everyone else, when they are hypocrites, and do not respect society and others.

    • I did not lie to any one about my mother, My mother never being abused by my father This alleged abuse is lie number 1000 (out of 10000 lies) fabricated and distributed about Lev Tahor, I just visited my mother 3 days ago in NJ.

      There is 2 types of antisemitism, the original one who was toward the religion, and required the Jews to leave their Torah, and I strongly believe that you are not clean of this type toward yours Jewish Lev Tahor brothers because they choose to continue the old original way of Judaism.

      The second modern type of antisemitism, by race, is forbidden by international law and you as a respective for Canadian law do not engage in this racist antisemitism but the original “legal” one. Therefor I think that self hated Jew is not to far from you.

  5. So where is your father, Nachman? Anyway, you know perfectly well that the female dress is not according to the halacha or manner of Orthodox Jews. You also know the examples I provided are true of the claims and requirements of your father’s sect going back 20 years. You know your own mother suffered under the strange behavior of your father. And to stay in Guatemala is no solution. Rachmana Litzlan.

  6. By the way, Nachman, since none of your sect has a significant income, who funds all the traveling all over?? And why are you in New Jersey instead of your new holy land of Guatemala? Which rich Satmar chasidim believe all your father’s nonsense enough to fund the sect? Why do you subject innocent children to such inhuman life styles to live and grow in such conditions? You know you are preparing them to eventually run away from Yiddishkeit completely, don’t you??

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