There is no doubt that the residents of Gaza are suffering greatly as a result of the current escalation of fighting between Hamas, which controls Gaza, and Israel. Many of those suffering include the vulnerable – countless women, children and the average Gaza resident.

Hamas has done a fabulous job in showing the many so called atrocities committed by Israel against their defenseless women and children. In war the innocent die, so it is difficult to argue that many of the Gazans who lost their lives were indeed innocent victims of the war. But when there is a hostage taking, and police mistakenly kill one of the hostages, it is the hostage taker who is blamed, and not the police.

Unfortunately this standard is not applied to Israel. In the case of innocent Palestinians being killed mistakenly by Israeli bombing, why is Israel being blamed when it is Hamas that is using them as hostages? The international media and the United Nations have bought these stories without questioning the accuracy of what has actually happened.

What perturbs me is the gullibility of humanity. It is akin to an inherited trait on which the media feeds off.

As in any war, there are 2 sides. In this case, it is Hamas and Israel, each having a dual motive of winning the war as well as winning the public relations war by gaining the confidence of the media. In turn, the media attempts to influence public opinion. It is easy to claim that the media is biased when only one side of the story is told, or when a story is not balanced.

Supposed Israeli Soldier Standing Over a Dead Palestinian Child

Supposed Israeli Soldier Standing Over a Dead Palestinian Child

Generally speaking and I hope that an absence of balanced reporting may not be an indication of media bias in the non-Arab world. I prefer to think of unbalanced reporting to be the result of negligence, a failure of investigative journalism, stupidity, laziness, and an outright failure to question accuracy as illustrated in these two photographs. This view does not apply to entrenched anti-Semitic and anti-Israel bias.

In the corresponding photograph, an Israeli soldier stands over the body of a dead Palestinian child. The soldier is carrying an AK-47. It is extremely shocking and heart wrenching photograph which would create a great impact if it were only true. Israeli soldier’s do not carry AK-47’s, and their uniforms are different than shown in the photo.

Now we recently have learned through independent Indian television journalists that Hamas does fire their rockets from densely populated areas as shown in the following news report.

Let’s face it, Hamas has been extremely successful in getting its message out and in gaining the support of the public. It would not have been as successful without the negligent and unquestioning attitude of much of the international media which laughingly and falsely proclaims itself as being open-minded, unbiased and virtuous.

To get the real truth out about Israeli I hope that no one is duped by Hamas, as much of the international media has been. It might be best to either tell both sides or ask the innocent victims or the pawns of Hamas as shown in the following video.



The UN: From Irrelevance to Becoming Dangerous

UNOver the years, and since I was an adolescent I have always been amazed by the United Nations and its consistent inability to be effectual, and how it is hijacked by one faction or another.

At first I thought that the United Nations was merely one-sided. I am not going to use the term anti-Semitic because the term has been used “ad nauseam” and conveniently by Jews to describe every kind of difference they have with non-Jews, even when religious beliefs are not the basis for these differences. Please do not get me wrong, there are many cases throughout the world where anti-Semitism or hatred of Jews and the Jewish religion is at the core and drives a conflict.

Recently, I came across an interview where a Belgian doctor refused to provide medical help to a 90 year old American Jewish Tourist based solely on her own religious practices. For all intents and purposes, the lady could have been an anti-Zionist or anti-Israeli. However, the doctor refused to investigate her political beliefs, and made his decision not to provide medical care purely on the basis of her religious practices, and for no other reason whatsoever. This is clearly a case of anti-Semitism, and nothing else as shown in the following video.

In the case of the UN, over the years I have noticed the organization’s behaviour as being anti-Israeli. I won’t describe it as being anti-Semitic, as the organization’s actions have been detrimental to Israel’s majority Jewish population, as well as to the country’s many Muslims and Christians. Perish the thought if one said or felt that the UN was anti-Christian, or God forbid, anti-Muslim. To stop any and all debate, pure and simple, let’s just call it being: anti-Israeli or anti-Israel.

What started with my biased or one-sided view of the UN, was translated to a view of the organization being ineffectual. I remember the countless times that delegates have walked out of UN Security Council debates when Israeli delegates rose to speak. UN Peace Keeping forces did not stop the Serbian genocide of Bosnian Muslims in the early 1970’s. I doubt if the UN has the moral capacity or capability of mediating the “Pepsi Challenge”.

In July 1976, Palestinian and German terrorists hijacked an Air France plane to Uganda, and threatened to kill the civilian hostages, after Israel raided the Ugandan airport and saved most of the hostages, United Nations Secretary General Kurt Waldheim “condemned Israel” for the violation of Ugandan sovereignty“. In his book, former UN Ambassador Dore Gold discusses that the UN has fueled global crisis through moral relativism. I call it moral bankruptcy, when the organization does nothing to stop conflicts, and allows countries that support and export state terrorism to remain as full-fledged members within their organization. It’s moral bankruptcy when the UN General Assembly pays its respects with a minute of silence in the death of North Korean dictator Kim Jong-il.

I will even argue that this moral bankruptcy is dangerous from the point of view of the UN’s ability and any inclination that it may have to mediate conflicts and protect the innocent. No where can we see this better, than in the violence between Hamas controlled Gaza, and Israel.


Members of Hamas’s al-Qassam Brigades

In the years before this escalation, has the UN at least made their usual ineffectual and impotent act of censuring Hamas for their indiscriminate firing of rockets at Israeli settlements? The answer to this question is a resounding – NO!

Now with the recent escalation of the conflict with Israel attempting to destroy the tunnels used by Hamas to attack Israeli citizens and its capability to launch rockets against Israel, we see the repeated UN role as a tool of the murder and destruction being caused by Hamas against the citizens of Gaza and Israel. The United Nations Relief and Works Agency was found to have housed rockets in one of its schools. The UN was also quick to condemn Israel for the death of a Gaza child when in fact she was killed by a Hamas rocket.

Now, the most idiotic and dangerous comment has just come from the UN’s top human rights official Navi Pillay who condemned Israel for its military actions to stop Hamas rocket attacks against Israeli civilians. It accused Israel of “defying International Law… in a way that may constitute war crimes.” She went on to say that Israel was not protecting civilians, and that it should share its Iron Dome ballistic missile defense shield with the “governing authority” of Gaza, which is Hamas.

I would laugh at the stupidity of this suggestion if it wasn’t so irresponsible and dangerous. I hope that Navi Pillay considers wearing a helmet to protect whatever brain cells that she may have. If we listen to her, Russia should also share its nuclear technology with the Ukraine, and North Korea should definitely share its nuclear technology with South Korea.