Lev Tahor – Proof of Their Lies, Deceit and Treachery


Photo Taken by Oded Twik

In my last post, I wrote about Oded Twik, and his trip to Guatemala, to find his sister and hopefully convince her to leave the cult.

In reading Oded’s report, the first thing that one realizes is that the move to Guatemala may have been planned for some time. Apparently, Helbrans was able to establish a foothold in Guatemala from what I was told. It was through a religious intermediary living in Monsey, New York.

Helbrans was able to gain the confidence of a Guatemalan Mayan, who was being taken through the process of conversion by Helbrans himself. He, in turn, was able to gain the confidence of other Mayan families. This Mayan has since become a caretaker of the original 9 members of Lev Tahor who fled Chatham, Ontario, and reached Guatemala.


San Juan de Laguna (Photo Taken by Oded Twik)

Over the past few days, the media has reported that the original 9 members have been joined by up to another 50 members from Chatham and elsewhere. Included are the senior members of the cult: Avraham Dinkel, Yosef Bibi, Abraham Kashani, Yoel Helbrans, Yosef and Sima Sulemani and their six younger children, Uriel Goldman, Meir Rosner, Michael Goldman, Yochanan Laver and Yoel Weingarten. As the days go on, the trickle of members of the cult leaving Canada for Guatemala may become a flood.

I happen to believe Oded and what he saw.

The reason for this is because his mother, the grandmother of two of the children placed in foster homes, along with a close family friend were guests in my home for 10 days, around the time of the festival of Purim. These two grandchildren were apprehended in Trinidad, and then returned to Toronto to be placed in foster homes.

I heard the stories by the grandmother, about how she was treated by the cult when she visited her daughter in the past. I also heard of how her daughter’s children were forcibly taken away from her by the cult for months at a time because they felt that she was unholy and unfit. I heard the story that when she was talking to her daughter on the telephone, she would say my children are passing my house, I wish that I could speak to them. Imagine not being able to speak to your children for months at a time. If this isn’t sadistic cruelty, I don’t know what is.

I was given the honour of taking the grandmother shopping to buy Mishloach manot for her grandchildren on Purim. These were the same two children that were supposedly on hunger strikes.

I was able to arrange for the 2 children to spend time each day with their grandmother and the family friend. I was also able to successfully arrange for the grandmother be able to spend the Sabbath with her grandchildren. I asked for special arrangements which were made so that they could all dine together on the Sabbath – the Friday night meal, and the Sabbath lunch.10277509_577333982373547_133245632086034206_n a

They enjoyed the Mishloach manot. Hopefully, you will have read that last sentence and considered its significance very carefully. There was no hunger strike at any time!

Why did Lev Tahor report it this way as a lie? Why did they want the world to believe this lie? Why did they misrepresent this fact, or to put it pure and simply, why did they lie to the public? Was it part of some cruel plan to control their members? Don’t these actions prove that the cult is evil?

The cult has established a foothold in Guatemala. They have begun to convert local families. This has created a great deal of animosity and conflict with the remaining locals. On May 5, 2014, the home where members of Lev Tahor are staying was attacked with rocks by local residents. These residents have threatened to kill members of Lev Tahor and have vowed to return. Police are watching the situation, and it remains volatile.

So I understand why Oded Twik has called for the government of Canada to take action.Oded Twik and His Nephew

The Canadian government has already established the precedent by insisting that the members of the cult apprehended in Trinidad be returned to Canada, and by making the necessary arrangements. Most of the children are Canadian citizens. The members of Lev Tahor in Guatemala are now at greater risk as reported by Oded Twik. They deserve the same level of concern.

I do not wish to put Oded and his family in the position of having to say Kaddish for his sister and her children. Kaddish has been said enough times because the world has stood by in silence and has done nothing.


3 thoughts on “Lev Tahor – Proof of Their Lies, Deceit and Treachery

  1. continue with your blind hate: My sister Miriam received an email from a CBC french reporter as follows:

    Mar 10

    to me
    Hi Miriam,

    someone at the SickKids hospital confirmed that Miriam Soleimani had been admitted, but not Yehodit. Is that the information you have as well?
    We were told she was admitted just after 1 am this morning at the Emergency department.

    Why exactly is she doing a hunger strike? Do you know for how long she hasn’t been eating?


    So, the CBC also part of Lev Tahor conspiracy.

    Now a question to you: is any one invited to be a guest on your house. or rather the whole story is just a proof that you have a PERSONAL hate toward Lev Tahor because of their religion.

  2. *Canadian Govt now admits over 1,200 missing native girls, not 600 – * May 4th, 2014, 11:17 AM QUOTE “In the midst of persecuting Jewish parents, and not bothering to solve the shocking 300 serial-murders in B.C., or charging anyone at all in the now 600+ dead children in Alberta at the hands of the Childrens Aid Society (CAS), Canadian govt. *officials have had a longstanding hobby of obscuring and hiding the massive number of missing girls* throughout the North and rural areas from Saskatoon to Newfoundland, mostly abducted by gangs for prostitution and child-trafficking.

    Last week while the govt admitted there were *some 600 missing girls*, the RCMP simultaneously cautioned the numbers were likely very low.

    *Now its admitted the numbers are more like 1,200 missing girls, * a stunning doubling of the estimates, which are apparently estimates because no one wanted to actually do the job of investigation or law enforcement.

    But not to have those figures leave the public shocked, *the RCMP went on to explain that* while perhaps 80% of murders of say white people in major cities like Toronto are solved or closed, *less than 50% of similar cases of abductions and murders of native girls *

    *are actually investigated and closed (solved) in any meaningful way. * Native communities, already reeling and angered at the original estimate of some 600 + murdered or missing girls, now have been finally informed of the true state (or will there be more revelations?) of the disaster.

    *A man-made disaster of law enforcement* and government carelessness and stupidity.

    This all comes on the heels of a 100 year racial genocidal policy of smashing up native communities, destroying families, stealing children, and forcing natives to learn French and English and forget their own languages, culture, traditions and even basic survival skills.

    *The Roman Catholic church, the Anglican Church, and the Canadian govt., * worked hand in hand for a century, stealing children and sexually abusing them in a systematic and organized fashion using police and institutions, all the while *covering up the operations of the largest pedophile and child-trafficking rings in the history of the world. *

    The result of that horrific secret war on natives left a legacy of literally hundreds of communities across the North trapped without adequate food supplies, economic ability, educational facilities, medical care, or even basic clean water supplies.

    Now there is, on top of everything else, which has turned the Northern half of Canada into a giant Third World Country in need of rescue by the United Nations, a horrific trend in which native children as young as 12 either commit suicide or begin a career of huffing gasoline or paint thinner.

    But the authorities seem completely oblivious to the immediate results of *the latest revelations:*

    *They amount to an international invitation to pedophile rings, *bike gangs, mafias, and organized crime to come in and continue the carnage, turning Canada into what is simply a ‘Shark Fest’ or feeding frenzy, as incompetent and careless “law enforcement” stands by.

    Everyone knows that the *”50% Solving the crime” rate* will likely drop through the floor as gangsters realize that no one will come to the rescue of thousands of children victims spread across isolated and impoverished rural Canada.

    *The idiotic and murderously incompetent government of Canada has just announced in effect open season on Canadian children.*

    They have neither allocated the budgets nor given a tinker’s cuss to the tripling of the current disaster that their own announcement will cause.

    *Every pedophile, pervert and serial killer must be packing their bags, for a trip to rural Canada*, especially since their regular holiday spots, like Bancock and the Phillipines are now watched.

    Its painfully obvious that *the real plan of the Canadian Govt is to increase tourism at any cost,*even at the cost of our childrens’ lives.” END OF QUOTE

  3. The situation of native girls and children is indeed sad and horrific. Society has to come to grips with the past, and the fact little if anything was done other than covering it up. It is always impossible to correct an injustice. This has certainly been one of the cruelest injustices every committed. History cannot be rewritten. I hope that you have some solutions and thoughts about how we can go forward from here so that abuse does not again occur.

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