Lev Tahor Frustrates the Courts

Members of Lev Tahor

Members of Lev Tahor

Last week on May 29th, Lev Tahor was in court again. This time it was to rule on the future of the two remaining girls who were placed in the custody of Chatham-Kent Children’s Services last March upon being returned to Canada from Trinidad. At the time, the girls were en route to Guatemala to join their parents, and their six siblings who were able to evade Canadian authorities.

Apparently these new proceedings were adjourned until early July.

The only article that I found about the case was written by Sarah Sachali of the Windsor Star who also sent a number tweets during the court proceedings. Based on her tweets, I saw the drama unfold like a production involving the Keystone Cops. One of her tweets was that the judge found out at the hearing that at least one of the children in question had left Canada, I presume without legal authorization.

Apparently, the child left Canada just a day after attempts were made to inform his/her parents of the hearing that was to take place on May 29th. As a result Justice Lucy Glenn was quoted as saying: “I cannot make orders about kids that are not in the jurisdiction. It’s as simple as that.” I can just see the Madame Justice throwing her hands up in the air while saying this.

This has to be frustrating for the legal system, child welfare officials, family of members who are trapped in the cult and by its pressures and doctrine, and the others who are concerned that these children are suffering abuse at the hands of its leader and his henchmen.

Sacheli goes on to make certain statements in her article which paints a picture of the cult’s modus operandi. Snippets from the article include statements such as: the CKCS lawyer trying to explain to the court why the agency had been unable to officially serve documents on parents, some of the parents involved in the new files have been deported, and ordering the surrender of passports.

The most ridiculous comment came from Marnelle Dragila, Lev Tahor’s own lawyer who urged the court not to judge the parents based on the fact that they are no longer in Canada. “There is a difference between flight and deportation”. Well in this case, it may have been both. Several were under deportation notices, and while under appeal some or all fled the country to evade the Canadian immigration process, or avoid the actual deportation.

In a previous post, I made reference to Avraham Kabaz Kashani, 39, Odel Malka, 30, and Yochanan Lauer, 19.

Kashani first came to Canada on a temporary resident visa in 2000, and made multiple attempts but failed to gain legal status. Once his avenues for appeal were exhausted, he was ordered out of the country in 2007. He did not leave voluntarily and never contacted authorities about his situation. He was arrested approximately 5 weeks ago. Guidi Mamman, one of Lev Tahor’s immigration lawyers referred to it as an immigration irregularity. The only type of irregularity that comes to mind are the references made to occasional bowel irregularity in various television commercials.

Apparently, Kashani did not leave in 2007 because his wife was expecting to give birth. That child is now 7 years of age and Kashani was still in Canada at the end of April of this year. From what I have heard, he has since been deported.

Another person, Odel Malka was ordered to leave in 2002, but only left in 2012. She then returned using a fake passport. From what I understand, Malka fled to Guatemala to avoid being deported.

I am just wondering when the legal system and everyone else for that matter will “wake up and smell the manure that is being repeatedly spread by Lev Tahor.

Shlomo Helbrans

Shlomo Helbrans

Based on their previous actions, I can only state that the cult, and especially their leader, Shlomo Helbrans, a self proclaimed rabbi are extremely deceitful. There are also strong allegation of physical and mental abuse by the leaders of the cult; especially with children suffering beatings, manipulation and other forms of physical abuse.

Members of the cult have purposely evaded the justice process not twice, but three times or more now.

They are not to be trusted. I repeat, they are not to be trusted. Based on their past behaviour, they will manipulate the process to defy the Canadian legal system and the laws of this country, and claim anti-Semitism and discrimination when they are caught, or are about to face justice.



Keystone XL Pipeline Realities

keystone 2From the start, the fight over Keystone XL has seen proponents lining up against environmentalists. No one can argue about the benefits of the pipeline. The tar-sands are estimated to be the world’s third-largest oil reserve.

The clear benefits for Canada have been touted, with 830,000 barrels a day of promised new pipeline capacity to accommodate the development of the oil sands. Thousands of direct and spinoff jobs will be created in both Canada and the U.S., and our neighbours to the south will be protected against foreign dependency on oil.

As the process has unravelled, criticism by anti pipeline activists on both sides of the border has gone hand in hand with every aspect of the proposal.

Normally criticism should be seen as an outright assault on the arguments supporting the pipeline. Pragmatic supporters should accept criticism as a necessary and beneficial evil, making the objective more environmentally sound. In this light, criticism provides opportunities to carry out the process more methodically, take stock or examine each argument in detail, compare it to alternatives, re-think plans, make necessary adjustments, and ultimately validate positions and arguments in favour of the proposal. Continue reading

Lev Tahor – Proof of Their Lies, Deceit and Treachery


Photo Taken by Oded Twik

In my last post, I wrote about Oded Twik, and his trip to Guatemala, to find his sister and hopefully convince her to leave the cult.

In reading Oded’s report, the first thing that one realizes is that the move to Guatemala may have been planned for some time. Apparently, Helbrans was able to establish a foothold in Guatemala from what I was told. It was through a religious intermediary living in Monsey, New York.

Helbrans was able to gain the confidence of a Guatemalan Mayan, who was being taken through the process of conversion by Helbrans himself. He, in turn, was able to gain the confidence of other Mayan families. This Mayan has since become a caretaker of the original 9 members of Lev Tahor who fled Chatham, Ontario, and reached Guatemala.


San Juan de Laguna (Photo Taken by Oded Twik)

Over the past few days, the media has reported that the original 9 members have been joined by up to another 50 members from Chatham and elsewhere. Included are the senior members of the cult: Avraham Dinkel, Yosef Bibi, Abraham Kashani, Yoel Helbrans, Yosef and Sima Sulemani and their six younger children, Uriel Goldman, Meir Rosner, Michael Goldman, Yochanan Laver and Yoel Weingarten. As the days go on, the trickle of members of the cult leaving Canada for Guatemala may become a flood.

I happen to believe Oded and what he saw.

The reason for this is because his mother, the grandmother of two of the children placed in foster homes, along with a close family friend were guests in my home for 10 days, around the time of the festival of Purim. These two grandchildren were apprehended in Trinidad, and then returned to Toronto to be placed in foster homes.

I heard the stories by the grandmother, about how she was treated by the cult when she visited her daughter in the past. I also heard of how her daughter’s children were forcibly taken away from her by the cult for months at a time because they felt that she was unholy and unfit. I heard the story that when she was talking to her daughter on the telephone, she would say my children are passing my house, I wish that I could speak to them. Imagine not being able to speak to your children for months at a time. If this isn’t sadistic cruelty, I don’t know what is. Continue reading

Lev Tahor in Guatemala – A Story of Squalor, Mental Anquish and the Separation of Families

In the last 2 weeks there have been several significant developments concerning Lev Tahor.

As you know, members of Lev Tahor in defiance of a court order fled Canada to Guatemala. Two months ago, 12 members including 6 children were successful in reaching Guatemala, while 9 members, including 4 children, on route to this destination were apprehended in Trinidad, and returned to Canada at the request of the Canadian government. On return to Canada, these children were placed in foster care.

An infant child and her 17 year old mother were apprehended at Calgary International Airport. The child was released to her teenage mother last week. Now another four Lev Tahor children are being returned to their parents.

A ruling concerning the remaining two children will be made on May 29th.

Throughout this, Lev Tahor continues to maintain its innocence and deny the allegations of forced marriages of 14 year olds, beatings, children being forced to wear small shoes as a form of punishment, and other forms of abuse and neglect. Lev Tahor’s cries of its innocence continue even with the concerns expressed by the courts, and evidence, both proven and unproven, of their abusive behaviour toward their members and particularly, their children.

The cult is being controlled by their leader, self proclaimed Rabbi Shlomo Helbrans who entered Canada illegally, and has been found guilty of child abduction in the State of New York.

Throughout these difficult times, there has been one constant – the unwavering concern of Oded Twik and his diligence in trying to help his sister and her 8 children who are members and victims of Lev Tahor. His sister and her children are victims of the abuse, manipulation and the mind control of Shlomo Helbrans and his henchmen. Oded was interviewed several times in the print media and on television, including the CBC’s Fifth Estate.


San Juan de Laguna, Guatemala

As was initially reported by Hannah Katsman in her blog, Oded spent the period from March 27, 2014, – April 30, 2014 in San Juan de Laguna, Guatemala on a fact finding journey first trying to locate his sister, and then trying to establish contact with her. He prepared a brief report describing his observations, findings and feelings, and trying to assess the situation of his sister and her family. His report is found by clicking the link at the end of this post.

Since the arrival of Oded’s sister and the other members, others have followed, leaving Chatham and arriving in Guatemala. They have included senior members of the cult, including Yoel Weingarten (who may have stood by while his father repeatedly sexually abused his sister), Uriel Goldman, Meir Rosner, and Helbrans’ son, Yoel.

From what I understand there are now upwards of 30 members who have left Canada, virtually unobstructed, for Guatemala. Most of these children are Canadian citizens.

Oded Twik goes on to describe his observations, and what he found.

According to his report, when he reached the sect, Raisa Rosner Goldman, a 15-year-old, was about to give birth. The baby was delivered without any professional assistance, while she lay on the dirt floor. A half an hour before Oded arrived, the members of Lev Tahor went to the tiny Chabad centre for tourists in order to request a basin to use during the birth. The center gave them the bowl used to make a Yemenite pastry served by the Chabad centre on the Sabbath.

Raisa Rosner Goldman is the daughter of Rosner and the daughter-in-law of Yoel Goldman, 2 leaders of the cult. Can you imagine 2 senior members allowing their daughter and daughter-in-law to deliver a baby on a dirt floor? I hope that those who have been critical of my portrayal of the behaviour of the leaders of this cult stop for a minute and think strongly about this! Would you allow your child to give birth in this environment?

Oded and Nephew

Oded Twik and Nephew in Guatemala

He then found his year old nephew dirty, hungry and covered with insect bites. There was little he could do; except cry. Oded continues to cry to this day.

The group slept on the bare ground. Only after he arrived, did the members acquire 15 dirty mattresses. The members were sent to Guatemala with little money, so they were forced to beg from tourists on the street. Just remember, Lev Tahor is a cult that has reportedly amassed millions of dollars.

Oded finally was able to meet with his sister. Initially she refused to meet with him, fearing for her brother’s safety. Only after Oded threatened to break into their home, did she agree to meet with him.

Oded found her to be confused, scared, weak and no doubt mentally fragile. It was difficult for her to talk. She appeared to be without any desire or will to live, and worried about the future. The cult was applying pressure on her, so she begged him to leave. He, in turn, begged her to leave with him, and all she could do was say the “situation is not simple!”

So there you have it, a heart wrenching story of mental anguish, abuse, the separation of families, the manipulation of the innocent, and the inability of its victims to escape the clutches of this cult.

To read Oded Twik’s observations of his trip to Guatemala, please click on the following link:  Statement by Oded Twik