Lev Tahor Practices Deceit And Digs Their Own Grave

Back in January and February of this year, I posted articles about the games of deception that Lev Tahor plays. Both the media and I have characterized the cult as being rife with the practice of child abuse, health concerns, substandard hygiene, poor health, and girls being forced to marry as young as 14 years of age, amongst other things.


Members of Lev Tahor

The only criticisms that I received were the odd ranting from those who refused to provide their true names, or for that matter information about where they lived. They lack credibility as they refuse to own up to the reasons for their views, and may even be members of the cult, itself.

I’m glad to be able to say that similar views to mine, are being reiterated by a wide spectrum of the media, and from all segments of mainstream Judaism – Orthodox, Conservative, Reform, Reconstructionist, Hareidi, and Zionistic.

The best example of investigative journalism about the cult has been undertaken by the CBC’s Fifth Estate. First they aired an hour long episode about the cult called “The Rabbi of the Pure Hearts: Inside Lev Tahor”, which told all about the allegations against the cult, its history, its leader and his past, and the controversy in which the cult is involved.

Now, the Fifth Estate has aired “After the Cameras Went Away”, a follow-up to their initial story. To view the sequel, please click on the following link:


All I can say is that the CBC has helped the cult dig its own grave and shows that these allegations are all true. After watching this sequel, the only conclusion that one can make is that Lev Tahor practices deceit.

The leaders of the cult have not taken a responsible attitude or for that matter any initiative to dispel or prove that all of these allegations are false. All that Helbrans and his henchmen have done is deny the allegations, and practice deceit. The greatest example of deceit and irresponsibility have been their attempts to evade the authorities and courts, by first escaping to Ontario, and then to Guatemala.

Instead of providing proof that the allegations against them are bogus, all they do is refute them, even in the face of additional former members who are making these same allegations. Then there is the testimony of a child psychologist and relative of a former member who saw children in the cult not behaving or playing as normal children would. They were living with a sense of fear and not behaving as normal children. Lev Tahor doesn’t deny that the children are being continually sedated with Melatonin.

lev tahor 8

Children from Lev Tahor

Most telling is the video streamed onto to the internet showing children being “egged on” by the leaders and becoming hyped-up or hysterical when the Canada Border Security Agency comes to arrest members who have broken the law and are in Canada illegally. The leaders are stirring up the children, by saying that authorities are coming for the defenceless babies of the community. Then one of the children asks if the cult elder is still filming to determine whether or not they should continue their staged hysterics.

Thank you CBC for confirming without any doubt what-so-ever that Lev Tahor and their leaders practice deceit.


2 thoughts on “Lev Tahor Practices Deceit And Digs Their Own Grave

  1. Mr. Berger, I sat through the entire interview with the Filth Estate and the Lev Tahor leaders. Your statement here is 100% incorrect “Lev Tahor doesn’t deny that the children are being continually sedated with Melatonin.” The Rabbi did state that on occassion the community members have taken melatonin but it is not used to sedate and drug people, it is used to help build the melatonin back up in human bodies if it’s been depleted and someone is having trouble sleeping. I know many many people that use melatonin. DO YOU EVEN KNOW WHAT MELATONIN IS? And did you know the actual interview was almost 5 hours long….do you believe the Filth Estate and Jillian would air anything that was favorable to the Lev Tahor community. They wanted a headline grabbing story….”peaceful jewish community with happy, healthy children” certainly wouldn’t grab anyone’s attention. I used to have a lot of respect for the Filth Estate and it’s reporters….UNTIL I actually witnessed that interview and then watched their final cut….I was horrified at how they pieced it together. It was not a true version of the interview and i have since questioned everything that show has ever aired.
    And to your comments about the Lev Tahor not proving their innocence…..PLEASE SHOW ME YOUR PROOF that the Lev Tahor have done anything illegal. In this country you are presumed innocent until proven guilty. There has yet to be any proof provided that would deem the Lev Tahor a “cult” and that they marry “young girls to old men” ‘they drug children”. Please provide me and all your followers with the proof of what you say about them. It would have been easy enough to get proof of drugging children had they drawn blood from the children they did apprehend and keep illegally in foster homes. Where’s the proof? That’s all anyone has been asking for…..PROVIDE SOLID PROOF!
    ~Lee Bolton~

  2. From your comment and those of your associates, there is no doubt that you and your cohorts are filled with uric acid and vinegar. I am sure that the answer will only come out once you get the psychiatric care that you so desperately need. I urge you to seek psychiatric care immediately.

    I do know what Melatonin is. My knowledge of it comes from my background in health care; whereas your knowledge no doubt may be based on watching an episode of Seinfeld. I do know that there are side effects when this and any other drug is taken without proper medical supervision. Melatonin is readily available without a medical prescription. Unfortunately, Lev Tahor failed to mention (possibly on purpose) whether or not it was prescribed by a medical practitioner. Normally Melatonin is prescribed to be taken to enhance and rectify sleep patterns. In other words it is a hormone that tells the body to prepare for sleep. From my communicating with family members and former residents of the cult they corroborate the use of the narcotic by Lev Tahor. Why are members taking melatonin during the daylight hours? When melatonin is prescribed or taken for long periods of time during the daylight hours it can induce depression, make people withdraw (that is sedation), and in certain cases cause irritability. The mind of a sedated or withdrawn individual is much easier to control. This is exactly what Lev Tahor is doing to the children as told by those that have left the cult. Evidently, you did not do your due diligence in this matter or research, and you certainly did not think this through.

    I unfortunately feel that you and your associates are unable to differentiate between proof and evidence. An accumulation of evidence in many instances establishes proof or the existence of a fact.

    There are many illegal and abusive activities that Lev Tahor has done as stated by former members, and families of current members. The unfortunate thing is that when the authorities take action to allow them to present their evidence and establish proof, at the same time it allows the cult to provide their own evidence and establish their own proof and also refute any allegations. They have time and time again, evaded the courts and the opportunity to refute any allegations against them. I am also quite certain that you would be the first person to cry a gross injustice if evidence was presented while they were not in court to defend themselves.

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