Lev Tahor in Guatemala

guatemala mapThe waiting game with Lev Tahor continues.

As we all know, when the time came to appear in court on March 5th to consider an appeal about whether or not 14 children of Lev Tahor should be placed in foster homes, the children and the parents did not appear. They fled the country, in defiance of a court order to remain in Chatham, with the final destination of Guatemala.

In reaction, an emergency order to apprehend the children was issued by Superior Court Justice Lynda Templeton. Justice Templeton was so incensed by Lev Tahor’s behaviour and defiance of the court order that she was quoted as saying:

My expectation is, so it’s clear, that if these children are returned on a plane that they will be apprehended at the doors of the plane as soon as it lands.

Eight of the 14 children who fled, have since been returned: six were apprehended after fleeing to Trinidad and Tobago, en route to Guatemala. Two others — a 17-year-old girl and her infant daughter — were apprehended at the Calgary airport.

images capture

Lev Tahor Members Taken into Custody By Guatemalan Police

There are now six remaining children and their parents in Guatemala, with 2 other adults.

On Monday, March 17th, a Guatemalan judge ruled the six could stay with their parents in that country, provided they return to court within 3 days with the proper paperwork signed by Canadian embassy officials allowing them to stay.

One would expect that Canadian officials in Guatemala are unlikely to grant them permission to remain in that country. Under the United Nations Hague Convention, to which Guatemala is a signatory, countries have an obligation to return children who have been wrongfully removed from another country. Let’s face it, the members of the sect are in contempt of a provincial court order.

We must all have the deepest respect for the Guatemalan judicial system and its desire to maintain its integrity. Although the members have been allowed to remain together, the judge hearing the case directed that the mother and 6 children remain under constant watch. No doubt, his or her decision is based on Lev Tahor’s past of evading the legal system and process. Hopefully, it will just be a matter of time until these cult members in Guatemala are returned to Canada.

What about the 2 other males of Lev Tahor who are in Guatemala with this family? What do we know about them?


Yoil Weingarten
(Photo Courtesy of Failed Messiah)

Well I can tell you that one of them is the infamous Yoil Weingarten, a spokesperson for Lev Tahor, and son of Rabbi Israel Weingarten. His father, Rabbi Weingarten has the distinction of having repeatedly sexually abused his underage daughter beginning at the age of 8 years. He was  found guilty of transporting this daughter across international borders to commit incest and rape. She eventually was able to flee at an older age. Yes, Rabbi Weingarten was convicted of 5 counts of raping his daughter, and received a sentence of 30 years.

If your stomach can tolerate it, I hope that you read the judge’s full decision in sentencing Rabbi Weingarten. I can only describe it as deeply disturbing and disgusting – a depraved and self gratifying sub human.

What about Yoil Weingarten’s role in the whole affair. Throughout the trial, he sided with his father, and did nothing to protect his sister from sexual abuse and rape by his father. As a family member, didn’t he have the obligation and responsibility of protecting his sister, and at the least stopping his father from committing these acts. He did nothing. For all intents and purposes, he could be described as an enabler.

For all those civil libertarian, and left wing Children’s Aid bashing types, who will throw example upon example at me, pointing out other members of the Jewish, Christian and Islamic clergy who did this or that, let me say this: He was an enabler! He didn’t protect his sister! He didn’t stop his father from committing repeated acts of sexual abuse on his sister!  He didn’t try to find help for his father! In summary, he was an enabler!

Is that the type of person who should be allowed to be with these children in Guatemala? I hope that the Guatemalan government takes immediate action and reconsiders its decision to allow this family to remain with this individual. Yoil Weingarten should not be allowed to be near those children, or near the mother of that family.


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