Lev Tahor: Child Abuse Through Hunger Strikes

3 guys

Members of Lev Tahor

From what I understand, of the 14 children that were criminally spirited away by Lev Tahor in defiance of a court order not to leave the Chatham area, 4 of them have been returned.

When the court convened on March 5th to consider the appeal about whether or not these children should be placed in foster homes, the children and the parents did not appear. As a result, an emergency order to apprehend the children was made. As far as I know, a decision concerning this matter will now be made on April 4th.

Some went through Mexico, while the others missed their flight to Mexico, and took a WestJet flight to Trinidad and Tobago, and eventually were to go on to Guatemala via Panama. Their detainment in Trinidad was based on the fact that they could not account for the reason or duration for their trip to Guatemala. Based on the fact that the children could not be accounted for properly, as they were not being accompanied by their parents or legal guardians, they were detained in Trinidad. Once they learned about the concerns of the Canadian government, they were handed back to Canadian officials.

Also a 17 year old with her 5 month old child was discovered en-route in Calgary, and were returned to the Chatham-Kent Children’s Aid Society.

The remaining 8 children, accompanied by 2 adults are still in Guatemala, and authorities are “closing in on them” to be returned to Canada. It is only a matter of time now, until they are returned. I am sure that once found, they will resort to every legal appeal possible to stall their return to Canada.

Lev Tahor and their spokesperson are all saying that they decided to go on a holiday. Yeah, right! Who in their right mind would go on a holiday in defiance of a court order? Their intent to be in contempt of the courts is shown be the fact that they would be returning only after the court decision made a favourable decision. If not, they would remain in Guatemala.

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Children of Lev Tahor

Now there are reports that there are 3 children, and possibly more being held at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto, and that they are being force fed due to dehydration from being on a hunger strike. Accordingly, the first child, a 15 year old began her hunger 2 days after being returned from Trinidad. I can’t understand how dehydration could begin within a mere 2 days.

I have to ask, what child or adolescent would come with the idea of going on a hunger strike. This is not the 1960’s – the decade of protests, sit-ins or “love-ins”.

Lev Tahor controls, and has brainwashed and poisoned the minds of these children. If their leaders told them to stop their hunger strike; they would immediately do so. So the leaders of Lev Tahor, Helbrans and his enforcers can only be blamed for this, and they should be held responsible for the health, safety and lives of these children. They are using these children for cannon fodder! They are forcing them to go on a hunger strike. If this isn’t child abuse, I don’t know what is!

Once all the children are returned, and assistance is provided to the rest so that they can return to normal society, I hope that the Canadian and Ontario governments begin to prosecute Helbrans and his 3 stooges. This would include forcing them to pay the cost of having the children returned to Canada. Let’s face it, Lev Tahor defied the court order to remain in Chatham, and so should be responsible for assuming all costs for the recovery of the children. Their wealth amounts to millions of dollars as has been shown.

Members of Lev Tahor are now donning bright yellow Stars of David with the word “JEW” written on it, reminiscent of the Holocaust when Jews were forced to wear these stars on their clothing. What an absolute sickening perversion of history’s greatest genocide. Don’t they comprehend that Lev Tahor is only being subjected to prosecution due to the abuse inflicted on their members, especially the children, and for defying the courts? They are the first Jews to “cheapen” the memory of the holocaust and the millions that perished. How revolting!

Next, who is Pamela Palmer, Lev Tahor’s Media Coordinator? My first question in this regard is whether she is being paid or not? Irrespective of this fact, the Ontario government should also be looking at her role in this whole affair. Was she part of this conspiracy to have the children leave Canada in this way? Can she be charged with conspiring to be in contempt of the courts? I hope that the provincial Attorney General begins to look at this matter. In saying that, she may also be held responsible for endangering the health and wellbeing of these children.


11 thoughts on “Lev Tahor: Child Abuse Through Hunger Strikes

  1. Give it up Miriam. You can’t base an argument on CAS IS BAD therefore ALL PARENTS MUST BE GOOD. They started due process in Quebec and the cult fled. They continued due process in Ontario and the cult fled. It’s kind of hard to talk about due process when one side doesn’t want to partake in the process. Pamela Palmer is a crusader, one of the most extremist ones who do not let facts get in the way of a good CAS bashing. She claims that Uriel Goldman provided the CBC’s Fifth Estate with proof of his stint in the IDF and that CBC practices yellow journalism by not airing it. Instead of releasing this ‘evidence’, you know, so we can all be mad at CBC; her and the PR goons have constructed an “email the CBC and complain based on our words’ campaign and it’s useless. The males at Lev Tahor concocted miriamhelbrans.com. They posted all the evidence in that case. Why not Goldman’s? It’s unfortunate that the likes of Mrs. Miriam the poster here actually believe she is corresponding via email with Miriam Helbrans, when good women don’t get to heaven by being allowed on the computer. This whole cult run by Supreme Cult Leader Convicted Felon Self Ordained Rabbi* Shlomo Helbrans needs to be broken up. Thank you for continuing to share information George.

    • You are one of these cultists, aren’t you? Shy Fema was quoted by CBC as saying he was kidnapped by Helbrans and that they paid him $5000 dollars to come to Canada and lie to the refugee hearing. I’m so glad you believe in inalienable rights that you will defend those that through their religion will abuse children. PS. This is Canada. We do not enjoy inalienable rights. Our rights are subject to only such reasonable limits. So tell us Miryam, which male in Lev Tahor are you?

  2. Miriam, the uneducated masses don’t understand what Dina D’Malchusa Dina, so I amazed that you would quote it. How do you know about this? Your husband can think I’m the idiot, but I’m not the one calling people Nazi’s, here in Canada. Really, you don’t believe in the Lev Tahor interpretation of the Torah and you will defend their right to practice it, even if it means that all marriages are arranged by Supreme Cult Leader Convicted Felon Self Ordained Fake Rabbi Shlomo Helbrans, and that a women’s role in life is to become 13 and be passed off to whoever the good cult leader feels is just so they can start copulating and having babies. The PR women said in interviews that wearing the burqa was their choice. If that’s the case, why did Fake Rabbi Shlomo kick out his own daughter for wanting to wear jeans? I thought they said they all the right to choose? It’s ‘HIS community’ as he so boldly declared in interview and if you don’t like it, you can GTFO. Unfortunately, when you declare that the rules are the rules as Shlomo tells you they are or you have to go, abuse is the only way to ensure that all your followers are subservient to you; in your twisted quest to attain pure heart, which no one really agrees with but some seem to have such a hatred of CAS that they will defend it vigorously. Even if it means adult males are plunking into 13-15 year girls, because the dictator said it was ok when he ‘gave’ her to the man. Good Job!

    • This is about welfare of Children so here is a quick review of the Canadian “Childrens Aid Societies” previous performance is in order here:

      *Government Fails Children At Risk *

      “For these and many more reasons, I was deeply disturbed to read about our bully government’s failure of our province’s families, and in particular our province’s children . I suppose that we owe Human Services Minister Manmeet Bhullar some credit for releasing the numbers, acknowledging the deaths of more than 700 Alberta children while receiving some form of provincial care, and organizing a roundtable to discuss the issue. Of course, that acknowledgement and subsequent action came only after a joint investigation into the matter by the Edmonton Journal and Calgary Herald. And the transparency and discussion Minister Bhullar touts is only as good as the reform it produces. Let’s be frank about this situation and call these deaths what they are: unnecessary, preventable, and shameful. To say that no child in a potentially dangerous situation of which our government is aware should ever come to harm is probably unfair. Borrowing a glib, but perhaps apt saying, “things happen.” We cannot control the outcomes of every situation of which we’re aware. But more than 700 deaths is a bridge too far for this reasoning. And let’s not let that number wash over us like so much “data”, as Minister Bhullar refers to the deaths. We’re talking about children. 741 children.” *Alberta reveals 596 more deaths of children in government care * The Alberta government has acknowledged the deaths of another 596 children who had some involvement with the province’s child welfare system. The deaths occurred between Jan. 1, 1999 and Sept. 30, 2013 and are in addition to the 145 deaths that have already been reported.

      – *Death of child in provincial care surrounded by secrecy*

      The government also revealed on Wednesday that another four children in government care died between June 7, and Sept. 30 of last year. The new numbers include:

      – 291 children who had prior involvement with the system, but didn’t have an active file at the time of their death – 50 people with prior involvement who died when they were over 18 – 60 children who were the subject of an investigation that started because of the injury or illness that caused their death – 41 children that had an investigation in progress when they died – 66 children with sibling or parents with prior involvement with child welfare – 84 children who had an active file but were living with their parents when they died

      While she’s happy the government has released this information, NDP Human Services critic Rachel Notley is disturbed that they were never released when she asked for them before. “I am deeply concerned that for four years they looked me in the eye and told me those numbers weren’t there and I think that there are some very, very serious questions that need to be asked about how that could have happened,” she said. “So now the question is, did they not know the answer to that very simple question or were they intentionally not telling me the answer?” Human Services Minister Manmeet Bhullar said that a previously-announced roundtable on changes to the child welfare system will take place on Jan. 28 and 29. He said changes will be made. “Governments are really good at commissioning reports,” he said. “But we’re talking about implementation of change. That’s my focus.” Bhullar says he is committed to an open system where more information is made available. “We need this data to be public. We need data to so we can address emerging issues and trends,” he said. “We need data so that various government departments and agencies can come together and to make sure that we’re doing the best thing possible for the most vulnerable.”

      AGAIN : In Canada, Children’s Aid Societies and “Protective Services” are private corporations which have no accountability to the government for the billions of dollars they receive in funding, and they are never properly investigated by the police. That my friend is as the Nazi’s. Nice Try trying to fool the public but the public now gets it. Only a Nazi would defend CAS practices this vigorously. CAS my friend is a CULT and they are known to have paedophiles in the foster care homes they run. Most of the workers are unregistered and they also travel together and drink together on Mexican holidays so they are not taking “care” of the Lev Tahor children – NO wonder their famines are running

      • that is your whole argument for supporting Lev Tahor. CAS bad. All parents must be good. I’m very much against CAS practices, but not when it involves brainwashed or bad parents. Society needs to step in sometimes, because not everyone can be a good parent. But because you feel so aggrieved by what the system has done to you, you will sacrifice anyone for a good CAS bashing. The Nazi analogies just reinforce the general public’s idea of the wingnuts who crusade against child protection services, because the general public can’t comprehend what is truly happening. To effect change, we must not discourage the general public. Nazi analogies only put the general public deeper behind CAS. It needs reform, but CAS is also needed in cases like brainwashing cults run by convicted felons.

      • no it is not – I am quoting the larger reality that it is the CAS that contends risk. The Lev Tahor should not be monitored by a cartel – It is not my “argument” because there is no argument and the system has not done this to me at all so this is nothing to do with me at all. I am referring to public opinions here. I am QUOTING posts . The Lev Tahor are not bad parents. The pubic is aware that Lev Tahor is not a CULT and you keep quoting convicted felon like you are on a Mission when you don’t know at all what is really going on but we do know what CAS is doing. You have a lot of hate so not ready to be a bad parent yourself. Should CAS monitor you as soon as you have children ? Drop the hyper-bole and know something IS wrong – This is not even the CAS – it is a whole lot of others groups showing their ugly hateful selves and I have nothing more to say – I posted quotes – that is all I can do. We are not here to SAVE children of Lev Tahor – as soon as the real criminal are exposed it will be revealed

    • My name is miryam2012 and it is not even pronouced as Miriam . No one is being groomed for sex in Lev Tahor Now you are just lying and no I am not a Lev Tahor and you are an idiot. CAS is grooming children inot cash cows, often babies die AFTER CAS has put an Insurance policy on them, ALso I am quoting arguments so they are not even mine – did you not see the “QUOTE” ?

  3. Sorry, but your interpretations are way off base. What the Germans did to the Jews was because they were Jews, and not for any specific practice of Judaism(because there are many different varieties). This is happening because of the practices of one cult leader, a liar and a convicted felon; and his twisted interpretation of the Torah, which barely any other Jews support! In Canada, the Jewish population number almost 400,000 and by your way of thinking, Canada is going to round them up next? I don’t see that happening ever. In 2014, by my eyes, it is a crime to raise a child educated by a single text, only minimal math and english skills, to worship you and your followers as the Grand Holy Poobah Rebbe; to live your life the way he expects and to follow all his commands without thought. This is Canada. People always retort to me that we don’t want to live in a dictatorship, “THIS IS CANADA” they say, yet all the children born in that cult are living in a dictatorship. Try talking to some of the family members, like I have, who have lost family to this cult. It’s mind blowing what they say.

    • My name is not Miriam, btw it’s miryam2012 and yours is Dontstandforcults so DON”T stand for CAS and I never said I stood for this group or believe in theor practices. BUt I also don’t stand for tht hate agasint them – What this is showing is how far a GOVT will go. Why don’t you go talks to the kids of Lev Tahor who want to be with their parents. You don’t seem to care at all abo0ut the real issues adn the boy who allegedly was bribed $5,000 was probably lying at order of the Crown adn bribed by them to lie. That IS what happens in courts. Here is a QUOTE from one poster ” The problem is that those families are not actually Canadian Citizens, they never sworn an oath to the Canadian Government they are simply immigrants. they had no right to Trindad Government as they are not actual Canadian Citizens and the irony is that on TV, they just put on Israel: the coming of days and it’s on CTV Ontario channel….whats going on? are they taking over? or something? yes Canada is out of control and the fact is that the Public is starting to see that now…. by then it will be too late…. I think you are right, the time of days are coming soon, and it’s starting to show little by little. Signs are all there. It’s not getting better, in fact things are getting worse.” END OF QUOTE *It turns out the CAS (both Quebec and Ontario) LIED *to the Trinidadian Government about the nature of the judge’s court order, and they had no authority to tell the Trinidadian government to detain Canadian citizens traveling abroad. ANOTHER QUOTE

      – God I love Canada… Killing Children, One Jew at A Time

      – Why don’t we just start another holocaust and send all the Jew’s to concentration camps since Canada’s unwilling to accept their culture… **** Harper can be the next Hitler!!” END OF QUOTE

      • No Miriam, people don’ want to accept 13 year olds being groomed for sex by potentially older males. Your holocaust arguments are absurd as Shlomo’s. You must be Lev Tahor.

  4. It’s Miryam and not even pronounced as Miriam. It is the French version though I am not French. Lev Tahor is not grooming 13 year old boys – where did you get that ? What you say is MY argument is not even my argument. I am QUOTING others and I put quotes at beginning and end and the word QUOTE as well and no – I am not Lev Tahor – you are a complete idiot and no one from Lev Tahor would have time for an idiot like you anyway

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