Guatemala & Lev Tahor – Find This Family, They Are in Danger


Members of the Lev Tahor Cult

Late last year after suddenly uprooting from Quebec, 200 members of the Lev Tahor cult settled in Chatham, Ontario. Of the members, 114 were children. They left in the middle of the night, due to allegations by Quebec child welfare authorities concerning physical abuse of their children, poor hygiene, using drugs as a means of mind control, separating children from families, beatings, and forced marriages of children as young as 14 years. Evidence of these allegations was entered as evidence into the court proceedings.

Last week an Ontario judge issued an emergency order that 14 Lev Tahor children be placed in the care of child welfare services. But before authorities could act, they had fled the country for Guatemala. Of those that fled Canada, 9 members were detained in Trinidad and Tobago after officials in the country discovered irregularities in stories and documentation, a mother and child are being hidden somewhere in the United States, and the last know whereabouts of the remaining 7 people is somewhere in Guatemala.

The nine members who were detained in Trinidad and Tobago were sent back to Canada on March 8th. When they arrived in Canada, they were greeted by Canada Border Services Agency, Peel Regional Police, and members of the Chatham-Kent Children’s Aid Society.

In returning them to Canada, Trinidad and Tobago Attorney General Anand Ramlogan said that he was of the firm view that the welfare of the children was paramount in the matter.

I commend Mr. Ramlogan and his government for their astute assessment of the urgency of the matter, and taking the principled stand that the safety and wellbeing of the children are in jeopardy.

What about the others. The missing mother and child were found today in Calgary and will be returned to Chatham via Toronto.

The 7 presumed to be hidden somewhere in Guatemala, are the sister and the 6 nieces and nephews of Oded Twik. Oded and his family “are besides themselves”’ wrought with worry about their safety. He last spoke to his sister on Sunday, March 2nd via cellphone when she told him that their situation was dangerous. Her cellphone has since been taken away. An international campaign is being mounted in an attempt to locate them. They could be anywhere in Guatemala, or any other place in Central or South America by now.

Please be on the lookout for any of these members of Oded’s family. If you see anyone of these people, please contact the police and tell them that the Canadian government is looking for them.

sister niece 1 niece 3 niece 4

Also, if you see anyone dressed in the following types of garb, please contact the police  immediately.

12      rosner & women

The safety of these people depends on your help!

canadian flag


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