CBC’s The 5th Estate – Shlomo Helbrans, “The Don” of Lev Tahor

The 5th Estate, CBC’s award winning news program has now aired an hour long segment on Lev Tahor. After watching this program, one can only come to the conclusion that Lev Tahor, meaning “pure heart”, might more accurately be called “impure heart”. As well as discussing the allegations of physical abuse, forced confinement, separating children from their parents, brainwashing, beatings, illegal marriages and mind control, they have gone further than anyone else, by calling into question, the supposed lies and deceitful manner in which Helbrans gained admission to Canada as a refugee.


Uriel Goldman of Lev Tahor

So called Rabbi Shlomo Helbrans is depicted in a manner that makes him look like a Don or Godfather of an organized crime family, with Uriel Goldman playing the role of his enforcer. In two of the clips, Helbrans is shown with everyone kissing his hand, like people expect loyal followers to be kissing the hand of the Pope.

The program begins with Goldman talking about how the cult wishes to go back to the past when “the lifestyle was better for people … and they were happier”. I hope that he wasn’t referring to the pogroms of Europe and the expulsion of Jews from Spain and Portugal. Yes, these were happier times for Jews when civil liberties were absent and many had to worry about their houses being burned, shtetls being burned, and the inquisition.

Goldman complains about the harassment that Lev Tahor is receiving from everyone, and blames it all on anti-Semitism. I have news for him, we are not living in the dark ages now. We live in Canada where everyone has the freedom to practice his or her religion. It stops when there are allegations of abuse, and more specifically, child abuse.

Chatham-Kent Regional Police exercising their search warrant.

We see the Chatham-Kent Regional Police Service exercising their warrant to recover the cult’s records and computers. You also see Goldman directing everyone in Yiddish via cellphone to close down and destroy their records (so police will not find anything). This definitely shows that they may not be cooperating with authorities, and more importantly, that they may have something to hide.

Gillian Findlay of the CBC then asks viewers the most profound question of all:

When does the right to practice religion freely get trumped by society’s obligation to protect children?

My answer to that is: NEVER! Governments are created, and have the understood mandate to protect society’s most vulnerable.

An interview is conducted with Oded Twik, whose sister and children are members of the cult. Oded’s sister is also interviewed, and you can see her husband watching every word that comes out of her mouth when she answers questions. If this doesn’t show people being controlled, it still might show the lack of trust and how people within the cult are being manipulated.

Adam Brudzewsky, a former member of the cult is also interviewed. He talks about how people within the cult are encouraged to spy on one another. Brudzewsky also talks about how Helbrans diagnosed people as having Baseline Personality Disorder or BPD. Later in the program, Helbrans admitted that he diagnosed 2 individuals as having BPD. I didn’t know that Helbrans was a licensed medical practitioner who was authorized or capable of making this kind of diagnosis.

Mendy Markus a former member of the cult is also interviewed. He testified of physical abuse, and the manipulative behaviour of Helbrans.


Shlomo Helbrans

The program also brings to light Helbrans’ history and strategy in gaining refugee status through deceit and paying people to make false statements about him. It starts with his self ordination and declaration as being a Rabbi. Yes, he is a Rabbi only in his own mind not through smichas, and to those who have been “sucked in” by his charisma.

Menachem Friedman, an Israeli expert on cults, describes Helbrans views that he would have been persecuted by Israeli authorities for his anti-Zionist views, “pure Bull Shit”. That was his words, and not mine. There are other anti-Zionist cults in Israel who kowtow to the anti-Semitic and anti-Zionist regime of Iran, and they are not persecuted by the Israeli government.

Helbrans was arrested and convicted for kidnapping 13 year old Shai Fhima, who later disappeared for over 2 years with the help of Helbrans. Fhima was later apprehended in France using a false passport. Where would a 14 or 15 year old get a false passport? A former member of the New York City Police alluded to help from Helbrans.

At his refugee hearing, with the Immigration Refugee Board knowing that he was convicted of kidnapping, Helbrans showed a film by Fhima denying that he was ever kidnapped by Helbrans. It was used by Helbrans in this refugee hearing. Later on, it was reported that Fhima said that he regretted making this false statement, that he was indeed kidnapped by Helbrans, and that he received $5000 for making the film.

Goldman testified at the hearing on behalf of Helbrans and said that he was recruited by the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) to infiltrate and spy on Helbrans. The CBC contacted the IDF and were told that there was no record of Goldman being a member of the IDF.

When questioned about this, Goldman felt uncomfortable and refused to answer fearing retaliation from Israel’s Mossad. He likened the IDF’s statement given to the CBC of having no record of him as being in the IDF, as similar to a response of “No Comment” given to a journalist. Well, those dealing with the media know that there is a difference of not having record of Goldman as a member of the IDF, and a response of “No Comment”.

As a former adjudicator of a Federal Tribunal, I really can’t blame the adjudicator for making the decision that he did make. The government miscalculated Helbrans’ capability to manipulate the truth, and did not attend the hearing to make any representations or call into question the evidence that was used by Helbrans. The adjudicator could not assess Helbrans evidence against anything else, and could only make his determination on the evidence that was available to him at the time.

The adjudicator went so far as to say that had he had any other evidence, or if he knew then what he knows today, his decision could have been something different.

Clearly, the Canadian government “dropped the ball on this one”.  As Yariv Levin, Israeli Knesset Member who brought the families of Lev Tahor cult members to testify about the abuse being suffered within Lev Tahor said: “We must first deal with the children”.

I invite everyone to watch the following embedded video of the 5th Estate episode in its entirety. You will find it extremely revealing. I am sure that you will agree that it’s time for the Canadian government to act, like it has in the past, when refugees used falsified information to gain entry into this country. To view the episode, please click on the following link:

Rabbi of the Pure Hearts: Inside Lev Tahor


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