Media Being Fooled by Lev Tahor

images8ZRGI9LJI recently came across an article in the Canadian Jewish News or CJN called “Lev Tahor adept in using technology”.

As expected, the article discusses how members of Lev Tahor use cellphones and trade commodities on-line.

The reporter also discussed his tour of their community, and his visit to a classroom which he described in the following way:

In the office/school building, boys were at study when I visited. In one class, boys shokled (swayed back and forth) in their seats as they recited religious texts in a sing-song manner. In another room, youngsters around 12 or 13 were being instructed by a teacher who looked barely older than they are.

When asked what they wanted to do when they grew up, they looked puzzled. None of them spoke English well enough to understand the question.

rein signature 2The article also makes reference to a hand written letter from a mother who expressed her anguish at the thought of losing her child. No doubt, it was the same letter that appeared in a number of newspapers across Canada.

Based on the fact that the letter contained two significantly differing signatures as shown above, I have to question its credibility and honesty. It may have been written by someone else, or written under coercion.

My curiosity is further peaked by the fact that the reporter stated that “None of them spoke English well enough to understand the question”.

How can one write a 5 page flowing and flowery letter in English when one cannot speak English language well enough to understand a question? It boggles my mind!

With respect to accuracy, the guidelines of the Canadian Association of Journalists include the following ethical standards that journalists should have:

We are disciplined in our efforts to verify all facts. Accuracy is the moral imperative of journalists and news organizations, and should not be compromised, even by pressing deadlines of the 24-hour news cycle.

We make every effort to verify the identities and backgrounds of our sources.

We seek documentation to support the reliability of those sources and their stories, and we are careful to distinguish between assertions and fact. The onus is on us to verify all information, even when it emerges on deadline.

Be careful CJN, you are allowing yourself to be manipulated by Lev Tahor.  Did you question the honesty, accuracy, and credibility of the letter?


One thought on “Media Being Fooled by Lev Tahor

  1. how right you are, i bet they were bribed and given alot of money to say that, but anyone who reads the article sees how false the whole thing is and knows better, really whom do they think they are fooling, we are smarter than that!!!

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