Search Warrant Shows Criminal Investigations at Lev Tahor


Members of Lev Tahor

Members of the Lev Tahor community are now at the centre of a criminal investigation.

Earlier today, police authorities from Quebec along with Chatham-Kent Police arrived at the Lev Tahor apartments north of Chatham, Ontario with a search warrant looking for documents and computers.

Lev Tahor was recently in family court to fight a move by the Chatham-Kent Children’s Aid Society to remove 14 of its children from their families. Last November, the sect packed up and moved in the middle of the night to Chatham, lock, stock and “chumash” (printed version of the Torah), before a Quebec verdict of whether or not children should be removed from their community and placed in foster homes, came down. The sect is now awaiting a judge’s ruling on the Chatham-Kent Children’s Aid Society decision to remove 14 of its children from their families at the request of Quebec child welfare authorities which was based on evidence of abuse, neglect, poor hygiene and other concerns. The judge’s decision is expected to be made on February 3rd. Continue reading


SIGN THE PETITION: The D-Day beaches in Normandy must become a UNESCO protected site

June 6, 1944 was an important day in the history of the free world.


D-Day – June 6, 1944

About 155,000 soldiers, 5,000 ships and landing craft, 50,000 vehicles and 11,000 planes were massed for the greatest seaborne invasion in history targeting 80 kilometres of mostly flat, sandy beach along the Normandy coast, west of the Seine River, east of the jutting Cotentin Peninsula. The beaches were code named Utah, Omaha, Gold, Juno and finally Sword Beach. As a child of Holocaust survivors, I have always looked upon this day as the beginning of the end of tragic human suffering for my parents, as well as for countless millions of others. There is an international movement to designate the D-Day beaches of Normandy as a UNESCO heritage site. Unfortunately, the number of required signatures needed for this designation has only reached the half way mark. imagesP2WMHILSAnother obstacle has now been added by a French government proposal to build 75 wind turbines offshore which will obscure the view from the beaches. It will totally wreck any chance for UNESCO designation. How can  UNESCO be asked to designate the beaches as a protected site if wind-farms are built just off-shore?” An online petition is being circulated. I am asking those who feel strongly about the need to protect our history and the memory of those who perished on the beaches of Normandy to visit the website to sign the petition to Designate the Beaches as a UNESCO Heritage Site.

Justin Bieber, The Best Reason to Use a Condom


Justin Bieber Arrested in Florida

Justin Bieber was just arrested in Miami Beach a few days ago on a DUI charge after he was caught drag racing on a main thoroughfare in a rented yellow Lamborghini. The 19-year-old initially resisted arrest, cursed at police officers and later told them he had consumed alcohol, pot and prescription drugs. A judge set his bail at $2,500 but he was out in under an hour.

You are probably wondering why I would care about Bieber? The answer is “I don’t”.

As far as I’m concerned, he is undoubtedly the greatest reason for using a condom.

What concerns me is that he is a role model for many teens and young adults, and I can’t understand why. Continue reading

Media Being Fooled by Lev Tahor

images8ZRGI9LJI recently came across an article in the Canadian Jewish News or CJN called “Lev Tahor adept in using technology”.

As expected, the article discusses how members of Lev Tahor use cellphones and trade commodities on-line. Continue reading

Letters from Lev Tahor – Manipulating Public Opinion and their Children

imagesYSVI0ALFA new twist to the Lev Tahor controversy is now taking place. Several newspapers have published letters from two of the children embroiled in the controversy of whether or not child welfare officials in Chatham, Ontario should follow-up and implement the ruling of Quebec courts to place children of the sect into Quebec foster homes.

At the heart of the matter is a jurisdictional dispute between Lev Tahor and the Chatham-Kent Children’s Aid Society about whether or not Ontario child welfare officials have the jurisdiction to implement a Quebec court order. Continue reading

The “True Face” of Lev Tahor: How a Mother Is Brainwashed to Turn on her Child

This is Part II of the story of Aryeh Laver who was taken by his mother with his siblings to become a member of Lev Tahor. Before getting married and starting a new life, after being separated for 7 years, Aryeh returns to see his mother who has been brainwashed to turn against him. She refuses to even speak to him. All he wants is to look at his mother who rebukes him and calls him a wicked person. THIS STORY IS HEARTWRENCHING!! (Click on the “cc” button for English subtitles)

Lev Tahor: Child Protection or Human Rights

Ontario court Justice Stephen Fuerth said that he will decide on Februrary 3rd. whether he has the jurisdiction to enforce a Quebec ruling that the Lev Tahor children be taken from their parents’ care.

The Lev Tahor community was located in Ste.-Agathe, Quebec and were the subject of Provincial child protection orders on complaints that included inadequate education, physical abuse and inadequate health care and hygiene. Faced with the prospect of 14 of its children being removed and placed in the care of Quebec child care authorities, the community whisked three busloads of families out of Quebec to Chatham, Ontario in the middle of the night last November.


Child welfare authorities in Chatham are now asking the court to enforce a Quebec order that would see 14 children placed in foster care in Quebec. The order is also being appealed in Quebec.

Lev Tahor through its lawyer, insists the Ontario court does not have the right to rule on this matter and that the Children’s Aid Society in Chatham has no legal jurisdiction to ask the court to enforce the Quebec court order. He is also arguing that the families’ Constitutional mobility rights and religious freedoms are being violated with the implementation of the proposed Charter of Values of Quebec which would restrict the wearing of conspicuous religious symbols such as turbans and hijabs. Chris Knowles, the lawyer acting on behalf of Lev Tahor further commented:

“When we’re talking about religious rights what you’re being asked to do is to send these children back to a province which I submit has chosen to place religious rights beneath other rights,” … “So I do think it’s relevant to your determination of what is in these children’s best interests.”

First of all I emphatically oppose Quebec’s Charter of Values. But using the same Charter of Values, one can easily shoot down Knowles’ assertion. The proposed Quebec Charter of Values would restrict the wearing of conspicuous religious symbols by public employees. How many public employees are members of Lev Tahor? If members are required to personally interact or conduct business with any Quebec public sector employee, who is not allowed to wear any conspicuous religious symbol, how can this intimidate a member of the sect? Wouldn’t they feel less intimidated, if anything?

Knowles and Lev Tahor are playing the human rights card; while the Chatham-Kent Children’s Services’ is playing its child protection card.

I hope that Lev Tahor knows that the Ontario Human Rights Code is primarily applicable to persons over the age of 18 years, unless they are 16 or 17 years of age, and have withdrawn from parental control. How can the Human Rights Code be applied to an 8 year old who suffers from poor hygiene and health as a result of the actions of the sect?

I commend the local Children’s Aid Society’s position on this matter. They are playing a tough game. They agree that there is no specific avenue under the Child and Family Services Act for the Ontario court to enforce Quebec’s order, but have pointed to other legislation under which the Ontario court could make an order.

Allegations of child abuse and mistreatment against Lev Tahor include:

– Fungal foot infections because women are not allowed to remove their socks.

– Girls as young as 14 married off to older men.

– Reports of some bruises on one child.

– Administering melatonin to kids to calm them.

– Isolation, children not allowed outdoor play.

– Concern about a possible collective suicide pact.

– Night-time exodus reports of crying, screaming, throwing belongings into garbage bags,

– Women and children being physically and emotionally abused.

– Frightened children being sedated for the 14-hour trip.


As a society, we have an obligation to protect the vulnerable. In this case the vulnerable are the children of Lev Tahor. This obligation should supersede any claims of discrimination and human rights which are made on the basis of convenience.

Chatham-Kent Children’s Services’ lawyer Loree Hodgson-Harris went on to correctly describe the situation as that:

“We can’t allow in this country people to just pick up and leave because they don’t like the process or they don’t want to comply and it was pretty clear from the evidence that they weren’t going to comply.”

Clearly, they did not intend to comply with Quebec child welfare authorities, and intended to thumb their noses at them by making a run for it at the last minute. It was a planned move, to skirt the authority of Quebec officials and move at the last possible moment before Quebec child services authorities would take action. They even left jewelry and credit cards behind, and one coffee maker was left on, which indicates that they stole off into the night to avoid prosecution and escape the jurisdiction of the Quebec’s courts.