Lev Tahor Abuse, Neglect & Suicide Watch


Lev Tahor

To add credence to the complaint filed by Quebec child welfare officials, Lev Tahor was recently in family court to fight a move by the Chatham-Kent Children’s Aid Society to remove 14 of its children from their families. The move by the local Children’s Aid Society is similar but unrelated to the actions that were taken by Quebec authorities.

By being similar, one has to ask him or herself, are the allegations of child abuse and neglect true or not? Why did the Chatham-Kent Children’s Aid Society attempt to remove the Lev Tahor children, if the allegations are not true?

The court denied the local Children’s Aid Society’s request to remove the children from the Lev Tahor families. However, the Chatham-Kent Children’s Aid Society is now appealing the judge’s decision.

The Chatham-Kent Children’s Aid Society did in fact remove two children from the clutches of Lev Tahor, and it had to be based on their staff’s own assessment of the situation. They were later returned by the court to the families under strict guidelines.

Other information about the sect and its members has come to light.

The Sun News Network reports that Lev Tahor encourages girls to marry as early as possible which is 16 years of age in Quebec. They also found that melatonin is given to children as a sedative, and many of the members suffer foot fungal problems.

Further, a Quebec social worker testified that the feet of one of the children were blue from the fungus. She said that the infection was widespread among women in the community, as they were made to leave their socks on. With respect to the child, she said that:

There was not a toe that was not infected …
It was based in the toenails, which meant that her nails were very, very thick and her feet very swollen, all blue, and all her toes were infected.

Court records also show that the Quebec Provincial Police are also concerned about the possibility of the collective suicide of this group. Are they not following in the footpath of David Koresh and the Branch Davidians cult.


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