Back in January, CBC’s Marketplace did a feature story about the Telemarketers From Hell – the duct cleaning scam that has if not terrorized, at least pestered to near death thousands of homeowners across Canada. Their call centres, usually based in East Asia, operate brazenly, and have thumbed their noses at the National Do Not Call List, and the Canadian Radio and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) by spoofing, or using fake telephone numbers.

Marketplace interviewed Andrea Rosen, Chief of Compliance and Enforcement at the CRTC. She stated that this scam has occurred due to the influx of off-shore telemarketers, and that it was difficult to find them. She also stated that the only action that they can take is based on the information that they receive, and that they can’t reach them because they don’t know the identities of the callers. They even went so far as to track down the call centre operating in Karachi, Pakistan.

Well, I’m sick and tired of being harassed by these types of calls, so I undertook a “sting operation” to catch them red-handed, and BUST THEM. This is what happened.

I received one of these calls from a spoofed telephone number registered to the Cooperators Insurance Company. I arranged for them to come over to my house, and they provided me with a telephone number. Continue reading


Anti Israel Ads on the TTC

street car
It looks as if the international conspiracy to demonize Israel has its hearts set on using the Toronto Transit Commission or the TTC, as a vehicle in its agenda to foster hate and project anti-Semitism in Toronto by using transit advertising, as it has successfully accomplished with Vancouver’s TransLink. The Palestinian Awareness Coalition intends to purchase similar transit advertising space in major centres across Canada.

For those who are unaware, the demonization of Israel has become the new anti-Semitism. They feel that these criticisms are legitimate criticisms of Israel.

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